Best Day Ever’s Top 6 Ways to Deal with Wedding Stress

A bride’s wedding day is usually one of the happiest days of her life. However Hawaii weddings can be quite stressful when feeling pressure about all the planning, organization, family issues and little details that surround the big day. Stress is a normal thing but it is important to not let it overtake the day because above all a wedding is a joyous occasion and should be about love, fun and celebration! With a few little stress relieving tricks and techniques the bride can feel more at ease on her big day. Here are 6 ways to relax and let go of some of the possible wedding drama and make this the best day ever!  

Best Day Ever’s Top 6 Ways to Deal with Wedding Stress 

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1. Take a moment with your other half:

Sometimes people can forget the main reason for the day. Brides and family members can get stressed out about all the details but really what the wedding is all about is the commitment and love between the happy couple. Take a moment before the craziness of the day to just be with your groom or bride, have some coffee or take a walk and just enjoy the last times together before being married. Focusing on what the wedding is all about can help to realize that the details will work out and really love is what it’s all about! 

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2. Laugh!

There is a reason for the saying laughter is the best medicine. It’s true! Laughing can take so much pain and stress away in hectic times. Before the big day or even on the big day take some time to laugh. Watch your favorite movie or youtube clip that always gets you or talk to the one person that can always get you to laugh out loud. Laughing can put the stress at ease and hey, it’s fun and you can never have too much fun.  

deal with wedding stress, wedding stress, wedding planning 3. Exercise

For me, this is my go to when things are stressful. Getting out and getting active can get your blood flowing, your mind going and it just makes you feel good about yourself. Exercise can mean different things to different people so whether its hiking, running walking, yoga and meditation, swimming or whatever makes you happy, just get up and do it. No one ever feels bad after doing a workout and the endorphins can take some of the unnecessary stress away from possible wedding craziness. If the day of your wedding you know you’re feeling stressed and nervous go for a run or do a little session of yoga. Maybe don’t go out and run a marathon but just a simple activity can put your mind at ease.

deal with wedding stress, wedding stress, wedding planning

4. Listen to music

Music can be an incredibly good stress reliever and a way to take you away from stress you’re feeling leading up to or on the wedding day. Music is totally individual and personal and can be a nice escape from reality for a little bit. Whether it be Hawaiian, country, rap, classical or you playing your own instrument, any music can do the trick. Spontaneous outbursts of dance can also be very helpful just maybe make sure no one else is there to watch your moves.

5. Write in a journal

Writing in a journal or diary can be a very cathartic way of dealing with stress. It can help to free up some of the thought that might be bouncing around in the brain. Journals are totally personal and can help express anything you feel. Writing is a known way to help work though issues and if you can’t figure out what you’re stressed about writing can maybe help to identify what those things are. A journal leading up to the wedding can also be a fun way of remembering all the details that went into making this the best day ever.

6. Take a moment for yourself

Many brides forget sometimes that this day is about them and the groom and family. They get caught up worrying about other people and if the guests will enjoy it and it adds a lot of pressure and stress. Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do for you and everyone else. Get a pedicure or massage, take a much-needed nap, have a chocolate bar (never underestimate the power of chocolate), anything that helps soothe the mind, body and soul is definitely a good thing. Taking care of yourself first allows you to take better care of others.

deal with wedding stress, wedding stress, wedding planning, chocolate

Remember, weddings are supposed to be fun! This is a celebration of you!  No matter what, don’t let the little things stress you out too much, enjoy this moment, time is going to fly by and before you know it you’ll be walking down the aisle to say “I do!”.  
Thanks to Rachel, our new intern, for her help with little Stress Reliever list!
Wishing you all a very Happy Monday 🙂
Best Day Ever Hawaii

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