Tipping Wedding Vendors

Many brides have a lot of questions when it comes to tipping the vendors at their weddings. Tipping the vendors is not required but many vendors will expect some sort of gratuity unless they did a very poor job. Giving a tip to vendors should only be given if you feel the service was deserved. There are rough estimates as to how much should be tipped but really it is also up to you to decide what you feel as a couple is appropriate to tip.

If you have no idea what or where to start with tipping, here are a few tips on Wedding Tipping for our Hawaii Brides…

For the reception site and transportation check to see if there is an already added on gratuity fee. If there is, there is no reason to feel compelled to add on more. If not then a 15% tip would be a good amount. For hair and makeup pros, just like in salons a 15% to 20% tip is reasonable. Delivery people, servers, restroom attendants or valet attendants can be tipped according to the head count of your wedding or the price. For bartenders 10% of the liquor bill would be a typical tip. Delivery people can be around $5-10 depending on how much work is needed. For valet or restroom attendants, $1-2 per car or per person is a good tip. For catering companies, a tip is determined depending on the cost of the food and number of people, a 10-20% tip can be given depending on how awesome you felt the service and food was. Tips can be given to the headwaiter or manager. The officiant of your wedding should get a tip of around $50 -100 for nondenominational ceremonies but if you are an active member then a donation to your officiant’s church, synagogue or temple would be appropriate. The cake baker, stationer and rental company will not be expecting tips but if you feel they deserve them then it is up to you to determine a fair tip for them. Photographers and Videographers are usually tipped $100 if you are paying a flat fee with no overtime.  Coordinators are usually tipped 15% of fee or a personal gift.

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An easy way to make sure the tipping is all taken care of is to decide before the wedding how much will be tipped for each person. Set aside the money in envelopes with a little Thank You Note and have either your wedding planner or if you do not have a planner, have a bridesmaid or groomsmen help distribute them after the wedding is over. This will allow you to not stress over getting the money to all the people that helped make your day special. It also allows you to get all of your Thank You notes to vendors out of the way. 🙂 

Hope everyone is having a very Happy Wednesday!


Nicole + Erika
Best Day Ever Hawaii
Hawaii’s Premiere Wedding Planners 

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