CJ and Audrey’s Best Day Ever! An intimate and gorgeous O’ahu beach wedding at Makapu’u Beach!

CJ & Audrey tied the knot at Makapu’u Beach on June 8th, 2014.  The ceremony was held on one of the most beautiful days of the year so far.  Clear skies (bright blue with little white clouds) made the turquoise ocean even more vibrant and the white sand glow next to the dark black coral rocks.  It was a perfect day for the lovely couple!

Of course, everyone knows nothing ever starts out so perfect, we’ll not usually anyway when it comes to weddings.  For Audrey & CJ, this not-so-perfect day was the day before the wedding, the first day Audrey and CJ were actually getting to check out their ceremony spot in person. There were also a few things that came up a few weeks prior that none of us had expected. Nothing to worry about though, that is just the way weddings go sometimes, and the main thing is that everything worked out perfectly in the end.  Bet I have you curious now huh?

I met Audrey months prior to her wedding day and had been helping her find the perfect beach location, secure her all of her bouquets and flowers and organize all the little details of her wedding.  I feel in love with Audrey immediately, she was the sweetest bride to be, completely in love with her groom and oh-so-excited about her upcoming beautiful beach wedding on Oahu!  Everything was falling into place quite effortlessly, and it seemed inevitable that Audrey would have the beach wedding of her dreams.

Until … a few weeks prior to the ceremony, while trying to secure the permit for the ocean front, breathtaking location Audrey had chosen, I found out that there was actually a big parade that was going to happen at exactly the same time as Audrey’s ceremony AND the parade was scheduled to pass right in front of the entrance to the beach location.  This is the first time I had ever dealt with something like this and I immediately got to work calling the State Park Permit Office, the Honolulu Police Dept. and the General Parade Office to get all the details straight before coming up with a back-up plan for Audrey and CJ.

I found out that we could move the ceremony up an hour and miss the parade but then we still might have trouble getting out of the parking lot, and would have to wait to pass between floats.  This was no good, but an option.  We could also, change dates or we could change locations.

I called Audrey and went over the news with her and she decided upon switching locations. I spent the next day scouting new beaches that had grassy areas overlooking the ocean (as she didn’t want her dress or heels in the sand) and then sent her three new options to choose from. Audrey chose a new location and I got to work making the necessary changes to the timeline and calling all the vendors to confirm the change.

On the day of the rehearsal, which was also the day before the wedding, Erika and I met Audrey and CJ at their new location.  We were ready to go over the ceremony details and go through the rehearsal.  After introducing me to the family, Audrey asked if she could speak to me in private.  She said, almost in tears, that she just wasn’t 100% happy with the new location.  It wasn’t as green as she had hoped, a bit too windy and the sand bar (reefy area that was showing through the ocean) didn’t sit right with her.

I told her not to worry, this was her day and if she wasn’t happy, we could try and change the location one more time.  I suggested another beach I thought she would like better and we moved the entire group over to the new location on the spot.  It was only about a 15 minute drive away.

Audrey loved the new location (I knew she would!) and the rehearsal went on as planned.  Unfortunately there was one more hiccup. With all that was going on, the wedding ring was now missing 😦  We had one of Audrey’s uncles, someone not in the wedding party, search the car and the first beach for the ring as we continued on with the rehearsal.  Luckily, just as we were wrapping up the rehearsal, he came back with the ring in hand.

A beautiful new location and found wedding ring, and once more – all was well! Just a few more details to get sorted out (I still had to call all the vendors – again, to advise them of the change to the location), but other than that, things were looking up 🙂

Perhaps we just needed to get all that out of the way so that on the real wedding day everything would be perfect.  And quite honestly, that’s exactly what happened.  Before we knew it, it was Audrey and CJ’s “Best Day Ever!” ~ June 8, 2013!

Audrey & CJ’s wedding in a nutshell:  Gorgeous weather, not a rain cloud in the sky, bright blue turquoise ocean with a few lovely islands in the background, a beautiful wedding party, a hand full of their favorite guests, a handsome bride and of course, a beautiful bride!

To Audrey and CJ ~ A Big Congratulations to you both!  We’re so very excited for you and it was an absolute honor to be a part of your very special day.  We wish you both a lifetime of LOVE, Joy, Laughter, KISSES and tons of Blessings! Cheers to your “Best Day Ever!” 🙂 🙂 

A Big Mahalo to all of our Vendors!
Officiant : Cynthia Smoot
Flowers : Marie Blooms, Kristin
Photography : Pure Media Hawaii, Christian
Videography : Imaginewurks, Jody + Eric
Coordination : Best Day Ever Hawaii Wedding Planners

And now for the best part…  The pictures!  🙂 Enjoy!

Congratulations Audrey & CJ!
xo, Nicole (+Erika)
Best Day Ever Hawaii Wedding Planners

Oahu Wedding Audrey
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