The Top 4 Worst Things You Could Say to a Bride and Groom at their Wedding

We usually just write posts to help brides and grooms, but today we’re going to try something a little different.  Today, we’ve got some great advice for all of the guests at the wedding.  If you haven’t been a guest at a wedding, trust me, if you’re in your mid twenty’s or early thirties, you will soon.  This is some great advise for all of us.  So, read on, and take notes! 🙂

The Top 4 Worst Things You Could Say to a Bride and Groom at their Wedding

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When it comes to comments at a wedding, there are few topics you should avoid! These Top 4 Tips will help you to make sure you are never stuck in an awkward situation, or feeling as though you have hurt anyones feelings. After months (or sometimes years of planning), it is very important that there are no awkward moments for the bride and groom.  You definitely do not want to ruin anyones day, and so today we’ve got a little advice for anyone who’s been a guest or will be a guest at a wedding, a list of comments that should never be mentioned on a bride or grooms wedding day…

Comment #1: “This must have cost you a fortune!”

Money is often a sticky subject for brides and groom’s who don’t have a million dollar budget, so it’s better just to keep quiet. They do not want to be thinking about money on their special day, trust me!  Also, it’s best to ignore the “pay for your plate” rule when it comes to buying a gift for the couple. Give what you feel is appropriate, often this is $100+ for a couple, or if you are on a tight budget, you may choose a gift that reflects the closeness of your relationship with the couple.

Comment #2: “So when are you going to have kids?”

The joy of a wedding leaves some people overly enthusiastic about the next huge life event: starting a family. But some people have other plans first such as buying a home, working towards a big promotion, or something else entirely. Most brides and grooms are already pretty overwhelmed by the wedding planning that the last thing they want to talk about is another big life change.

Comment #3: “Why wasn’t so-and-so invited?”

If there is someone who you don’t seem to see at the wedding, there is usually a reason why they aren’t there. Option A is that their RSVP said they couldn’t make it, or Option B is that there is a distinct reason they were left off the guests list. Either way, it’s best not to poke your nose in the subject.

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Comment #4: “I can’t believe you’re settling down! I remember when…”

Just because you remember the bride or groom in their wild child phase and can provide a story, doesn’t mean you should. Yes, they might still be the crazy kid you remember but given the formality of the day, it’s best not to bring up the dirty past.


The best advice when attending a wedding, is to think about how you would feel if you were asked a certain question? Think about what you want to say to the bride and groom the day of the wedding to make sure it doesn’t cause any hurt feelings towards one another. Remember someone’s wedding day is a day to be remembered and to be cherished for a lifetime, let’s not ruin it by asking a distasteful question. Keep the good times rolling!

Thanks to Marielle, our fabulous intern for this wonderful post!

Happy Thursday Everyone! 🙂

Best Day Ever Hawaii 
Hawaii’s Premiere Wedding Planning Team

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