Best Day Ever Exclusive Deal: 15% Off Vein, Skin, & Ink Treatments

ATTN: All Brides & Grooms…  We are proud to have partnered with the Vein & Skin Center of Hawaii and Ink Off MD as they are giving our brides and grooms an awesome deal for all beauty treatments, including tattoo removal!!

For Best Day Ever Brides & Grooms Only:
Get 15% Off Services such as Tattoo Removal, Skin Tightening, Microdermabrasion & Facial Treatments, Laser & Lipo Treatments!  
Must mention “Best Day Ever” to get this limited time Special Deal!
Hawaii Wedding Planning

Through our partnership, VSH and IOM are offering a 15 percent discount off of the following services.*

  • Facial and microdermabrasion treatments
    • customized facial treatment, deep-cleansing pampering using skin-specific topical solutions and non-invasive exfoliation (30 days before wedding).
    • Regular Price: $85 to $200; BDE discount: $72.25 to $170
  • Mosaic CO2 skin tightening
    • micropeel or fractional resurfacing laser; CO2 laser helps to tighten the skin, smooth out wrinkles, and give balanced skin tone and appearance (60 days before wedding).
    • Regular Price: $800 to $2,200; BDE discount: $680 to $1,870
  • Melasma Spectra laser treatment
    • the Spectra laser provides a safe and gentle way to tone skin pigmentation and achieve better looking skin for your big day (3 months before wedding).
    • Regular Price: starting at $500; BDE discount: starting at $425
  • Body contouring packages: SmoothShapes technology
    • ground-breaking laser and light treatment eliminates cellulite and gives your body smoother, firmer, and flexible skin. Perfect for smoothing out legs, buttocks, upper arms or belly cellulite (3 months before wedding).
    • Regular Price: $250 per treatment area; BDE discount: $212.50 per treatment area
  • ReFirme skin tightening
    • non-invasive, revolutionary light and laser energy treatment helps tighten the face and neck area and achieve a firmer, smoother and healthier visage with lasting results (6 months before wedding)
    • Regular Price: $400 to $800; BDE discount: $340 to $680
  • Permanent laser hair reduction
    • state-of-the-art laser treatment quickly and efficiently reduces hair (6 months before wedding).
    • Regular Price: underarms $150 per treatment, bikini $150 per treatment, legs $300 per treatment; BDE discount: Underarms- $127.50 per treatment, Bikini- $127.50 per treatment, Legs- $255 per treatment
  • Tattoo removal: PicoSure technology
    • The PicoSure™ laser technology quickly removes unwanted tattoos (even those tattoos with blues and green inks), and eliminates sun and age spots (6 months before wedding).
    • Regular Price: starting at $1,200 for three-square- inch tattoo. Full back or sleeves removal not to exceed $4,000; BDE discount: starting at $1,020 for three-square-inch tattoo, Full back or sleeves removal not to exceed $3,400
  • Body contouring packages: SmartLipo
    • This treatment tones your body and tightens the skin in such areas as the stomach, thighs, arms and neck. Lasers liquefy fat, which is then permanently removed with a cannula to achieve a newly sculpted body (6 months before wedding).
    • Regular Price: starting at $1,500; BDE discount: starting at $1,275

Courtesy of Vein & Skin Center of Ink Off MD. Call (808) 949-8346 to schedule an appointment today!

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Cheers to getting Beautified before your “Best Day Ever!” ,

Nicole + Erika 🙂
Hawaii’s Premiere Wedding Planning & Event Design Team

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