Join Best Day Ever and Help 30 Survivors of the Super Philippine Typhoon


Every dollar donated goes directly to these 30 survivors
of Super Typhoon Haiyan.

you can help. Donate Today!

A really good friend of mine, Rebecca, whos family is from Cebu, Philippines, is helping 30 survivors of Typhoon Haiyan who lost everything in the Philippines deadliest Typhoon. Rebecca’s family was one of the few lucky homes that was spared, but last week 30 unexpected guests showed up at their doorstop, barefoot, with nothing more than the wet clothes on their back hoping for a safe place to stay and a little help.  Rebecca’s family took in these 30 strangers and offered them a place to stay, food, water, safety and most importantly, hope.

Best Day Ever has teamed up with Rebecca and her family to help these survivors and you can help make a difference too!  donate now.


donate today.

It’s super easy, just click here.  All proceeds go directly to these thirty survivors (pictured below).  So far we have helped raise $1,095, but our goal is to raise $5,000 in the next 12 days.  You can help. Lets share the Aloha with those who really need it most during this Holiday Season.  Every dollar counts!

Super Typhoon Haiyan has left over 3,681 people dead, 12,544 injured and millions affected and homeless.  Body counts are still rising and help is coming from around the world, but with such a huge disaster, many are still without food, water and shelter.

For more info on these victims check out the Yolanda Victims facebook page

Mahalo! 🙂
Nicole (& the Best Day Ever Team!)

Statistics courtesy of CNN World News 11/16/13

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