Top 10 Ways to incorporate “Something Old” into your Hawaii Wedding

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in your shoe” is a time-honored tradition that was derived from an English rhyme for good luck.  Today, many brides are coming up with cute ways to personalize this rule for their own weddings celebrations.  For the next four days, we’ll be doing a little post on each of these traditions.  Today, we’ll be offering tips and ideas on how to incorporate “Something Old” 🙂

“Something Old” This represents the continuity of the past into the future. Here are a few FUN ideas on how you can incorporate Something Old into your Hawaii Wedding


Best Day Ever’s TOP 10 Ways
to incorporate “Something Old” into your Hawaii Wedding

1. Wear jewelry heirlooms (brooch, barrettes, hair pins, rings)

2.  Use your mother’s wedding gown or veil.

3.  Detach a button from your grandfather’s favorite jacket or a piece of lace from you mother’s bridal gown and sew it to the hem of your bridal gown.

4.  Have your Hawaii groom wear your father’s cuff links.

5.  Have your priest use your family prayer book if you’re having a church ceremony.

6.  Reuse your old personal childhood pillow (or teddy!) as the ring bearer’s pillow.

7.  Wear a locket necklace containing pictures of your parents and grandparents around your neck or pin a locket around your bouquet’s stems. This is also great for grandparents that have passed 🙂

8.  Display a picture from your parents or grandparent’s wedding day at your reception. This would also be super cute in a vintage frame!hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, beach wedding, paradise cove beach, paradise cove beach wedding, paul and julie, best day ever hawaii

9.  Have your wedding ceremony or reception at a historic Hawaii location. Think about the Iolani Palace or Bishop Museum.

10.  Arrive to your ceremony in a vintage car.


There you have it..  Our top 10 ways to incorporate “Something Old” into your Hawaii Wedding.  Have any other cool ideas on ways to incorporate “Something Old”? We’d love to hear them! Do share 🙂

Happy Monday everyone!  Stay tuned tomorrow for tips and ideas on incorporating “Something New”!

xo, Nicole
Best Day Ever
Hawaii’s Premiere Wedding Planner

Photo Credit: Etsy

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