How to Incorporate “Something Borrowed” into your Hawaii Wedding… Eight Fabulous Ideas!

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in your shoe”

If you’ve been following us this week we’ve been giving you a daily dose of how to incorporate something old, new, borrowed and blue, and today we’re all about “Something Borrowed”.  This one’s my favorite and the options to incorporate “Something Borrowed” are really endless.  What I like most about this tradition is that it can be really sentimental and personalized, which is what weddings are all about!

“Something Borrowed” This represents borrowed happiness.

Best Day Ever’s Top 8 Ways to Incorporate “Something Borrowed” into your Hawaii Wedding!

1.  Borrow a pocket watch from your grandfather or jewelry pendants from you grandmother and wrap it around your bouquet.

2.  Wear your mother’s wedding veil, shoes, or dress. She’ll be thrilled and honored that you’re using something of hers, trust me!

3.  Ask permission to steal the song your parent’s had as their first dance song. Again, mom and dad are gonna love this! You could even invite them up to dance with you half way through the song …  awww! Love this idea!

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4.   Use grandmas old vintage wedding knife to cut the cake.

5.  Borrow your sister’s robe while getting ready before the wedding. That’s an easy one!

6.  Borrow your friend’s favorite book which contains a poem or quote that you want recited at the ceremony or reception.

7.  Spritz on some of your best friend’s fragrance.

8.  Use your parent’s toasting glasses for the reception.


There you have it!  Our Top 8 Ways to incorporate “Something Borrowed”.

How are you going to incorporate “Something Borrowed” into your Hawaii Wedding? Do share!

And don’t forget to stay tuned to tomorrows blog post on “Something Blue!”

Photo Courtesy of Black Tie Cinema & our lovely bride and groom Chris & Erin, LOVING the Bowling Bowl “locked down” symbol on Chris’s leg. And yes, this groom did wear that thing around all night.  Now that’s TRUE LOVE! 

Happy Wednesday everyone 🙂

xo, Nicole
Best Day Ever
Hawaii’s Premiere Wedding Planner

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