The Wedding Party App, Biggest Wedding Trend for 2013!

Best Day Ever is proud to introduce the Wedding Party App—the best way for the bride and groom to collect photos from their wedding guests!  This must-have app is for both iPhone and android users to capture all the special candid moments that the photographer may have missed on the big day. How’s it work? Good question! The way it works is that friends and family can upload all photos taken with their phones to share in one convenient place! It’s completely personalized and easy to use! How great is that?

5 Reasons why we LOVE The Wedding Party App for Hawaii Brides & Grooms: 

1. It is FREE! Yay 🙂 for Free!

2. Ease of use.  Guests share their perspective using their smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras.

3. Ability to share photos in real time! If you have a website, you can upload photos in real time

4. It’s an easy way to connect all of your guests. Your guests can interact and get to know each other while commenting on each other’s photos.

5. Photos are organized in chronological order! This creates a minute by minute timeline of your photos taken by guests.

wedding party app, wedding trend

Love it? I knew you would!  Here’s how to get it…

 Instructions for download:

1.      *Go to

2.      *Click on Create Your Free app

3.      *Complete 3 easy steps and you’re ready to go!wedding party, wedding party app, wedding app, wedding trend


Photos courtesy of the wedding party app 
Hope you loved todays insider wedding trend tip!  Special Thanks to Tiffany for her help with this post!
Happy Planning! 🙂
Best Day Ever Hawaii

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