5 Great Bridal Work Out Tips: Getting Fit For Your Big Day

A lot of you brides out there are trying to look your best for the big day. It’s one of the most important days of your life and of course, you want to look your best. When getting in shape for your Hawaii wedding it’s important to remember first and foremost that your fiancée loves you just the way you are now. There is no need to stress yourself out trying to be something unrealistic.  These are some healthy and effective ways to look and feel your best on your big day.

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1. Make a Plan:

The first approach to any change in your lifestyle is to make a plan. Just like you did for your wedding map out a calendar and the goals you want to reach at a certain time. Again don’t make these super unrealistic as that does nothing put set you up for failure. Checklists and plans also feel great when you can check off the things you have accomplished. With a plan all laid out it will be easier to stay on track.

2. Find a Buddy:

Lets be serious working out isn’t always fun but if you have a friend its much easier to stay on track and stay motivated. Ask your bridesmaids if any of them want to start a little lookin’ good feelin’ better routine. With the support of friends you will be sure to meet your goal.

getting fit, wedding day, healthy lifestyle

3. Hydrate:

This is something that lots of people forget to do. Water is so important when it comes to helping you look good and feel better. You always hear to drink 8 cups a day and the closer you get to that the more your body will benefit. If you cant always sit and chug water make a pitcher of water, lemon slices and mint and stick it in the fridge. Then whenever you need to drink something you can go for something yummy and good for you. You can also add green tea bags for an extra kick and health boost. Buy cute water bottles so that it is more fun to drink or as a gift to bridesmaids customize some clear plastic bottles to say their name or bridesmaid and yours can say bride.

4. Change Your Eating Habits:

Eating Healthy is an obvious way to create a better lifestyle. Don’t go overboard with this and try to change everything about your diet. Moderation is key when changing your diet. Start by cutting out soda or fast food. Try your best to make home cooked meals that incorporate vegetables, lean protein and good carbs. There are a ton of healthy food blogs that can help give you ideas on how to make healthy food yummy. Tasting good is another key part of changing your diet because if it doesn’t taste good you won’t eat it. Check out blogs like Cheap, Healthy, Good or Skinnytaste that focus on healthy food that tastes good. Thai chicken and pineapple stir fry, crock pot kalua pig? Yes please.

5. Change It Up:

Getting bored is one of the most common ways people get off track on a diet and exercise plan. If you are bored with running on a treadmill or doing the same lift weighting routine switch it up. Go bouncing in a Bouncy House! Go to a zumba or a kickboxing class with your friends, try hiking instead of running or walking or try yoga. For the very brave get your butt kicked at a TRX class. You could stumble on something that you end up loving and if not at least it was something different.hawaii bridal expo, hawaii bride, bridal expo, blaisdell center, wedding expo


Happy Monday Everyone! Now get off your butt and do something FUN! 🙂


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Richard and Gigi’s Best Day Ever, A Waimanalo Beach Celebration!

Richard & Gigi tied the knot at Waimanalo Beach in front of their closest friends and family on September 18th, 2013.  It was a beach celebration to remember with great music, amazing food and super cute decor!  We were honored to help with such a special occasion and wish both Gigi and Richard a lifetime of LOVE, laughter, and blessings! Cheers to their “Best Day Ever!”

A big mahalo to all of our vendors!

Officiant: Rev. James Chun
Photography: Jon Radke
Ceremony Music: Ross Gines + Friends
Hair & Make-up: Tracy Au
Rentals: Accel Rentals
Decor/Cake : Kathy & Antoinette
Food: Dee Bucasas
Desserts: Zenaida
DJ: Robin Taclas
Coordination: Best Day Ever Hawaii Wedding Planners

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4 Tips for Creative and Unique Engagement Photos

Everyone expects you to have wedding photos, but often forget about the engagement photos. Personally, I think that having engagement photos is a must!  It’s a great way to capture the excitement of getting engaged and showing your love for one another in a more intimate way!  Engagement pics are photos that you will treasure forever!

Here are Four Great Tips for Creative and Unique Engagement Photos:
engagement, wedding engagement, hawaii engagement
1. Embrace Your Interests
Engagement photos are great because you can have so much fun with them! You can incorporate interest that you share together and that made you two fall in love! It’s a great way to personalize your photos!
engagement, wedding engagement, hawaii engagement 2. Explore the Unknown
Discover areas where no else has photographed before. It will ensure uniqueness and can be an adventurous experience in and of itself.engagement, wedding engagement, hawaii engagement 3. Plan for the Unexpected
Of course there really isn’t any way to plan for authentic accidents but if any do happen, capture them! Sometimes surprising photos can be the result of being in the right place at the right time. You can really get a great photo out of mistakes that happened!

kalalau trail, kalalau engagement, kauai, engagement, engagement photos, engagement shoot, hawaii engagement 4. Have Fun!
Don’t be afraid to goof off and have fun! Have the nice smiling photos, but also include the fun! These photos are what show off your true relationship and the love that you share for one another! Plus, this is a time that you two will treasure and remember forever!


Now start thinking about your engagement pics and consider setting up a special shoot today!  Best Day Ever Insider Tip:  Check out Shannon Sasaki Photography, Ashley Goodwin Photography, and Black Tie Cinema, they’re all pretty AMAZING as you can tell by their featured photos above 🙂

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


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Honeymoon Spotlight: Cinque Terre, Italy

Where do Hawaii Brides & Grooms go on Honeymoon?  To Italy of course!

honeymoon, destination honeymoon, honeymoon spotlight, cinque terre, italy

On the Italian coastline, near the Mediterranean, lies a city meaning five lands. Cinque Terre is made up of five small towns, all unique and beautiful. Rather than going to Rome or Florence or the other crowded cities in Italy, Cinque Terre offers a relaxed, step back in time. Famous for its beautiful ocean coastlines, romantic vineyards and quaint little B & B’s, Cinque Terre is the perfect place for an incredibly romantic honeymoon.

honeymoon, destination honeymoon, honeymoon spotlight, cinque terre, italy Vernazza is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in Cinque Terre. It has a beautiful harbor where boat rides can be taken and a cliff top castle making this feel so out of the ordinary. It is the perfect combination of historical and scenic beauty. The best times to go are between spring and fall as much of the city is closed from November to February. There are mostly B & B’s that are family owned and offer a very warm, inviting stay. Some rooms look over the ocean and have decks before for enjoying wine and breakfast on. La Mala is one B & B that is family operated and only has 4 rooms so book early. There are 2 smaller rooms with no ocean view and 2 larger rooms with a balcony and ocean views.  It is located on the Cliffside looking at the ocean and has incredible reviews for the staff, cleanliness and overall experience. The rates depend on either high season or low season meaning the winter season or the summer season. In the 2 smaller rooms, the rate is 160 euros per night and the 2 bigger rooms range from 200 to 220 euros. Each room comes with free wifi, complimentary breakfast, satellite TV and air conditioning. It is a cozy escape and perfect for a newlywed couple wanting to relax and enjoy the beauty around them.
honeymoon, destination honeymoon, honeymoon spotlight, cinque terre, italy
Photos courtesy of Chrystal Clear
Where are you going for your Honeymoon? Do share!  We’d love to hear all about it!
Happy Aloha Friday to all of our favorite Hawaii Brides & Grooms!
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4 Great Wedding Suprise Ideas, Hawaii Weddings Personalized!

Everyone loves surprises and when they’re at weddings they’re even more fun!  🙂 Here’s just a couple of ways to incorporate surprises into your wedding that are unique, fun and that will create a special and personalized touch to your wedding.

4 Great Wedding Suprise Ideas, Hawaii Weddings Personalized!


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1. The Surprise Hula

Brides can do a surprise hula dance for their groom. Hula is a large part of the Hawaiian culture and it can be done at your wedding to make your groom feel extra special. When dancing hula, you are telling a story. You can make this moment extra special by incorporating a story about you and your hubby into your dance to share with everyone.

2. The Surprise Speech

This is where the groom can surprise the bride. The groom doesn’t normally give a speech at the wedding reception but by doing so it can make it that much more special. It will catch the bride off guard, but trust me it will make her feel so special because it was unexpected and sweet.

3. The Surprise Song

This can be for both the bride and the groom. Everyone loves getting sung to and we all know that singing for someone is very hard and nerve racking to do. So surprise your significant other by breaking into song! It’s okay if you don’t have a voice like Beyonce or Usher, it’s the thought that counts! And hey, even if you get a few laughs out of it you will be sure to keep your guests entertained!hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, hawaii prince hotel, hawaii prince hotel wedding, andrea and brian, best day ever hawaii

4. The Surprise Flash Mob

Here’s a really awesome wedding idea … incorporate a Surprise Flash Mob dance into the the wedding festivities.  You can make up a dance and teach it to a select amount of guests and have it magically go off when a specific song plays at the end of the ceremony!  I did this at my wedding and it was the highlight of the night!

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Got any other ideas for Wedding Surprises? We’d love to hear how you made your Hawaii Wedding extra special with a one of a kind surprise ~ Do share!

Happy Monday everyone!


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