4 Great Wedding Suprise Ideas, Hawaii Weddings Personalized!

Everyone loves surprises and when they’re at weddings they’re even more fun!  🙂 Here’s just a couple of ways to incorporate surprises into your wedding that are unique, fun and that will create a special and personalized touch to your wedding.

4 Great Wedding Suprise Ideas, Hawaii Weddings Personalized!


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1. The Surprise Hula

Brides can do a surprise hula dance for their groom. Hula is a large part of the Hawaiian culture and it can be done at your wedding to make your groom feel extra special. When dancing hula, you are telling a story. You can make this moment extra special by incorporating a story about you and your hubby into your dance to share with everyone.

2. The Surprise Speech

This is where the groom can surprise the bride. The groom doesn’t normally give a speech at the wedding reception but by doing so it can make it that much more special. It will catch the bride off guard, but trust me it will make her feel so special because it was unexpected and sweet.

3. The Surprise Song

This can be for both the bride and the groom. Everyone loves getting sung to and we all know that singing for someone is very hard and nerve racking to do. So surprise your significant other by breaking into song! It’s okay if you don’t have a voice like Beyonce or Usher, it’s the thought that counts! And hey, even if you get a few laughs out of it you will be sure to keep your guests entertained!hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, hawaii prince hotel, hawaii prince hotel wedding, andrea and brian, best day ever hawaii

4. The Surprise Flash Mob

Here’s a really awesome wedding idea … incorporate a Surprise Flash Mob dance into the the wedding festivities.  You can make up a dance and teach it to a select amount of guests and have it magically go off when a specific song plays at the end of the ceremony!  I did this at my wedding and it was the highlight of the night!

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Got any other ideas for Wedding Surprises? We’d love to hear how you made your Hawaii Wedding extra special with a one of a kind surprise ~ Do share!

Happy Monday everyone!


Nicole + Marielle
Best Day Ever
Hawaii’s Premiere Wedding Planner 

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