4 Tips for Creative and Unique Engagement Photos

Everyone expects you to have wedding photos, but often forget about the engagement photos. Personally, I think that having engagement photos is a must!  It’s a great way to capture the excitement of getting engaged and showing your love for one another in a more intimate way!  Engagement pics are photos that you will treasure forever!

Here are Four Great Tips for Creative and Unique Engagement Photos:
engagement, wedding engagement, hawaii engagement
1. Embrace Your Interests
Engagement photos are great because you can have so much fun with them! You can incorporate interest that you share together and that made you two fall in love! It’s a great way to personalize your photos!
engagement, wedding engagement, hawaii engagement 2. Explore the Unknown
Discover areas where no else has photographed before. It will ensure uniqueness and can be an adventurous experience in and of itself.engagement, wedding engagement, hawaii engagement 3. Plan for the Unexpected
Of course there really isn’t any way to plan for authentic accidents but if any do happen, capture them! Sometimes surprising photos can be the result of being in the right place at the right time. You can really get a great photo out of mistakes that happened!

kalalau trail, kalalau engagement, kauai, engagement, engagement photos, engagement shoot, hawaii engagement 4. Have Fun!
Don’t be afraid to goof off and have fun! Have the nice smiling photos, but also include the fun! These photos are what show off your true relationship and the love that you share for one another! Plus, this is a time that you two will treasure and remember forever!


Now start thinking about your engagement pics and consider setting up a special shoot today!  Best Day Ever Insider Tip:  Check out Shannon Sasaki Photography, Ashley Goodwin Photography, and Black Tie Cinema, they’re all pretty AMAZING as you can tell by their featured photos above 🙂

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Best Day Ever
Hawaii’s Premiere Wedding Planning Team!

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