5 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Wedding is Extra Fun!

Something we hear from almost every bride we come across is “I want to make sure my wedding is Fun!”.  You want everyone to talk about it for decades, and remember it as an amazing wedding. Truth is, you want it to be the talk of the town! However, it can be difficult coming up with ideas that will keep everyone entertained. Here at Best Day Ever Hawaii we have 5 tips to share to make sure your guests have just as much fun at your wedding as you do!


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1. Play Games

Games come in all shapes and sizes, from outdoor lawn games to personalized crossword puzzles. You can keep your guests busy with cute little games for them to play that reveal secrets about the wedding that they didn’t know.


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2. Plan a Surprise

Surprising your guests with a little extra entertainment is sure to be a crowd pleaser. You could bring in a poet, caricaturist, magician or even a dance company. Any one of these is sure to surprise and delight your guests! OR…  you could surprise your groom!  What about a surprise Hula Dance especially for the groom?! How fun and sweet 🙂 Everyone will love it!


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3. Get your guests involved

Not only are your guests dying to celebrate your love, they are also dying to document it. Challenge your guests with a list of photos to capture like on a scavenger hunt, or provide a hashtag for guests to use to ensure you get copies of those special moments you’ve missed while twirling away on the dance floor.

You could also get your guests involved by having an “Anniversary Dance” instead of a “First Dance”.  In place of the first dance invite all married couples up to the dance floor and and have the DJ excuse couples one by one until the longest married couple is left.  They get the bouquet! Fun! 🙂


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4. Don’t forget the kids

If you are planning on having little munchkins running around, make sure you have a plan to keep them entertained. Coloring books, activity baskets or even a designated kid area are great options and might even give their parents a bit of break so they can be sure to enjoy your wedding.


Ky and Lorrie, hawaii wedding, Ihilani Koolina Wedding, oahu wedding

photo lab

5. Say Cheese!

Setting up a Photo Booth is a sure way to keep guests entertained. Not to mention it will provide you with hysterical photos to cherish after your big day.  We LOVE Flash Lab, and so do our favorite bride and groom to be ~ Lorrie & Ky, featured above.


Yay! So there you have it…  Best Day Ever’s Top 5 Easy Ways to Make Sure your Hawaii Wedding is Extra Fun! Hope you found a few FUN tips that you can incorporate!

Wishing everyone a Fabulous Thursday! Don’t work too hard ~ It’s almost FRIDAY! 🙂


Nicole (& Marielle)
Best Day Ever Hawaii
Hawaii’s Premiere Wedding Planner

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