5 Great Bridal Work Out Tips: Getting Fit For Your Big Day

A lot of you brides out there are trying to look your best for the big day. It’s one of the most important days of your life and of course, you want to look your best. When getting in shape for your Hawaii wedding it’s important to remember first and foremost that your fiancée loves you just the way you are now. There is no need to stress yourself out trying to be something unrealistic.  These are some healthy and effective ways to look and feel your best on your big day.

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1. Make a Plan:

The first approach to any change in your lifestyle is to make a plan. Just like you did for your wedding map out a calendar and the goals you want to reach at a certain time. Again don’t make these super unrealistic as that does nothing put set you up for failure. Checklists and plans also feel great when you can check off the things you have accomplished. With a plan all laid out it will be easier to stay on track.

2. Find a Buddy:

Lets be serious working out isn’t always fun but if you have a friend its much easier to stay on track and stay motivated. Ask your bridesmaids if any of them want to start a little lookin’ good feelin’ better routine. With the support of friends you will be sure to meet your goal.

getting fit, wedding day, healthy lifestyle

3. Hydrate:

This is something that lots of people forget to do. Water is so important when it comes to helping you look good and feel better. You always hear to drink 8 cups a day and the closer you get to that the more your body will benefit. If you cant always sit and chug water make a pitcher of water, lemon slices and mint and stick it in the fridge. Then whenever you need to drink something you can go for something yummy and good for you. You can also add green tea bags for an extra kick and health boost. Buy cute water bottles so that it is more fun to drink or as a gift to bridesmaids customize some clear plastic bottles to say their name or bridesmaid and yours can say bride.

4. Change Your Eating Habits:

Eating Healthy is an obvious way to create a better lifestyle. Don’t go overboard with this and try to change everything about your diet. Moderation is key when changing your diet. Start by cutting out soda or fast food. Try your best to make home cooked meals that incorporate vegetables, lean protein and good carbs. There are a ton of healthy food blogs that can help give you ideas on how to make healthy food yummy. Tasting good is another key part of changing your diet because if it doesn’t taste good you won’t eat it. Check out blogs like Cheap, Healthy, Good or Skinnytaste that focus on healthy food that tastes good. Thai chicken and pineapple stir fry, crock pot kalua pig? Yes please.

5. Change It Up:

Getting bored is one of the most common ways people get off track on a diet and exercise plan. If you are bored with running on a treadmill or doing the same lift weighting routine switch it up. Go bouncing in a Bouncy House! Go to a zumba or a kickboxing class with your friends, try hiking instead of running or walking or try yoga. For the very brave get your butt kicked at a TRX class. You could stumble on something that you end up loving and if not at least it was something different.hawaii bridal expo, hawaii bride, bridal expo, blaisdell center, wedding expo


Happy Monday Everyone! Now get off your butt and do something FUN! 🙂


Nicole (& Rachel)
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6 Tips to Glowing Wedding Skin!

We all want that picture perfect glow on our wedding day!  Here’s a couple of tips from Best Day Ever Hawaii to make sure your skin is looking it’s best for your special day!

Photography by: Shinji Salmoiraghi

6 Tips to Glowing Wedding Skin!
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1. Choose a regime and stick with it!

Find a skin regime that you like and stay with it. Changing up your routine can affect your skin in a way that you don’t want. It’s best if you know what works best with your skin type so that you don’t overdue it.

2. Eat more watermelon

No matter what your skin type is – oily, dry, normal, or combo – it craves water. Sure, drinking water helps, but snacking on watermelon works too. Some other super foods for your face are grapefruit, broccoli, and lettuce.

3. Use salt scrubs to soften elbows

Add a bath to your weekly routine and throw in bath salts with sodium bicarbonate. The sodium bicarbonate will break down dry patches and make your skin a sponge for moisture.

4. Reduce sunspots with an acid peel

Peels are designed to slough off dead skin and bring new, fresh skin to the surface. To make the most of these spa treatments, you’ll want to book a series of peels. Start with six different sessions, each two weeks apart (so the skin has time to recover).

5. Wear SPF 30 on your lips

It’s easier to prevent your lips from getting chapped than it is to repair them if they’re already dry and cracked. Find a good chap stick with SPF 30 to keep your lips hydrated and protected from the sun.

6. Fix flaky skin with safflower oil

This secret weapon acts like a barrier to lock in water and keep your skin hydrated. Search for safflower oil in moisturizers and scrubs.


Hope you found a few good tips on how to stay FRESH & Beautiful on your wedding day!

Happy Aloha Friday everyone!


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Best Day Ever Exclusive Deal: 15% Off Vein, Skin, & Ink Treatments

ATTN: All Brides & Grooms…  We are proud to have partnered with the Vein & Skin Center of Hawaii and Ink Off MD as they are giving our brides and grooms an awesome deal for all beauty treatments, including tattoo removal!!

For Best Day Ever Brides & Grooms Only:
Get 15% Off Services such as Tattoo Removal, Skin Tightening, Microdermabrasion & Facial Treatments, Laser & Lipo Treatments!  
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Through our partnership, VSH and IOM are offering a 15 percent discount off of the following services.*

  • Facial and microdermabrasion treatments
    • customized facial treatment, deep-cleansing pampering using skin-specific topical solutions and non-invasive exfoliation (30 days before wedding).
    • Regular Price: $85 to $200; BDE discount: $72.25 to $170
  • Mosaic CO2 skin tightening
    • micropeel or fractional resurfacing laser; CO2 laser helps to tighten the skin, smooth out wrinkles, and give balanced skin tone and appearance (60 days before wedding).
    • Regular Price: $800 to $2,200; BDE discount: $680 to $1,870
  • Melasma Spectra laser treatment
    • the Spectra laser provides a safe and gentle way to tone skin pigmentation and achieve better looking skin for your big day (3 months before wedding).
    • Regular Price: starting at $500; BDE discount: starting at $425
  • Body contouring packages: SmoothShapes technology
    • ground-breaking laser and light treatment eliminates cellulite and gives your body smoother, firmer, and flexible skin. Perfect for smoothing out legs, buttocks, upper arms or belly cellulite (3 months before wedding).
    • Regular Price: $250 per treatment area; BDE discount: $212.50 per treatment area
  • ReFirme skin tightening
    • non-invasive, revolutionary light and laser energy treatment helps tighten the face and neck area and achieve a firmer, smoother and healthier visage with lasting results (6 months before wedding)
    • Regular Price: $400 to $800; BDE discount: $340 to $680
  • Permanent laser hair reduction
    • state-of-the-art laser treatment quickly and efficiently reduces hair (6 months before wedding).
    • Regular Price: underarms $150 per treatment, bikini $150 per treatment, legs $300 per treatment; BDE discount: Underarms- $127.50 per treatment, Bikini- $127.50 per treatment, Legs- $255 per treatment
  • Tattoo removal: PicoSure technology
    • The PicoSure™ laser technology quickly removes unwanted tattoos (even those tattoos with blues and green inks), and eliminates sun and age spots (6 months before wedding).
    • Regular Price: starting at $1,200 for three-square- inch tattoo. Full back or sleeves removal not to exceed $4,000; BDE discount: starting at $1,020 for three-square-inch tattoo, Full back or sleeves removal not to exceed $3,400
  • Body contouring packages: SmartLipo
    • This treatment tones your body and tightens the skin in such areas as the stomach, thighs, arms and neck. Lasers liquefy fat, which is then permanently removed with a cannula to achieve a newly sculpted body (6 months before wedding).
    • Regular Price: starting at $1,500; BDE discount: starting at $1,275

Courtesy of Vein & Skin Center of Ink Off MD. Call (808) 949-8346 to schedule an appointment today!

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Cheers to getting Beautified before your “Best Day Ever!” ,

Nicole + Erika 🙂
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Hawaii Brides: Top 5 2013 Wedding Nail Color Trends

Today we’re going to cover a very important subject… Yup, you guessed it, your fingernails!   It’s time to prepare for all the attention your fingernails will receive on your wedding day! Your friends and family will be admiring that ring and you’ll have the wedding photographer snapping photos as well.

We’ve done a little research and put together a list of the top wedding nail trends for 2013.  All of these styles are amazing and either give an understated or glamorous appearance. Depending on the type of bride you are, I think theres a style here for everyone!

Here are five awesome nail color trends you can steal for your Hawaii wedding day that are classy, simple and fun…  enjoy! 🙂

Best Day Ever’s Top Five 2013 Wedding Nail Color Trends

1.     The Classic French Manicure. The French Manicure will always be in style. You can’t go wrong with a French manicure that will match your white wedding gown. A neutral-colored base with white tips are the safest route to take for a timeless, clean and classy look. But, 2013 nail trends suggest having a softer finish on your tips, rather than a bright white look.hawaii brides, 2013 wedding nail color trends, wedding nails, wedding colors, wedding trends

2.     Glitter French Manicure. For a little more sparkle and shine, try glitter instead of white for your French manicure. Try a nice nude nail polish such as Face Stockholm nail polish in “Au Natural” and trace the tip of your nails with Butter London’s glitter polish called “West End Wonderland.”

hawaii brides, 2013 wedding nail color trends, wedding nails, wedding colors, wedding trends

3.     Neutral Nails. Neutral nails are very popular these days. According to InStyle, the best neutral of 2013 is Chanel’s “Ballerina” nail polish, which costs $27 and known to be worn by Victoria’s Secret model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Another great color trend is Essie’s award winning “Mademoiselle” which is the most classic grown up pink you will find. It’s also the perfect base for a French manicure.hawaii brides, 2013 wedding nail color trends, wedding nails, wedding colors, wedding trends

4.     The Ring Finger Bling.  A trend that has been out for a while is having the ring finger completely painted in a glitter polish. Wear a nice solid neutral color on all of your nails except the ring fingers, where you would choose a glitter polish to your liking. I like a silvery sparkly look like Sephora by OPI’s “Flurry Up.”

hawaii brides, 2013 wedding nail color trends, wedding nails, wedding colors, wedding trends

5. Caviar Nails.  A 2013 wedding nail trend that is big and bold are beaded/pearled fingernails also known as “Caviar” fingernails. Check out the brand, Ciate which offers “caviar manicure kits” online. Ciate, a UK-based brand, is a featured brand at Sephora and known for their innovative nail trends.

hawaii brides, 2013 wedding nail color trends, wedding nails, wedding colors, wedding trends

So there you have it!  Our top picks for all of you Hawaii Brides for the best in 2013 Wedding Nails!  Hope you found a bit of inspiration and have a few ideas of your own on how you’d like to show off those pretty little fingers 🙂 

Wishing you all a Fabulous Friday!  Yay for Friday!

Thanks to Tiffany, our wonderful intern for her help with this post.

Happy Planning everyone!


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Hawaii Brides: The Top 5 Bridal Beauty Don’ts!

There are so many things that can go wrong when it comes to your wedding! We’ve got a special treat for our Hawaii Brides today!  Here’s a list of the top 5 bridal beauty don’ts that can make sure you look stunning for your big day!

The Top 5 Bridal Beauty Don’ts! 

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1. Don’t Tan. 

You don’t want to get too dark for your special day; it can look unnatural in your photos. Especially if it’s a spray tan gone wrong. Not too mention that you are putting yourself at risk of skin damage. Having a bad tan is one of the worst looks, and it’s not fixable! Say no to the tan and go for a nice bronzer that will make your skin glow but still keep you looking natural.

2. Don’t drink wine or eat dark-colored foods like berries.  

You should try to avoid foods that can tint your pearly whites because no one wants a stained smile captured in their wedding photos! To get them nice and pearly, invest in a professional teeth-whitening service. On a budget? Try your local drug store for something like Crest Whitestrips. What ever whitening regimen you are going to use, start about one month before the wedding.

3. Don’t ingest excess sodium the week before the wedding.  

That means no salty foods, sauces, dressings, or salty deli meats. Instead, go for the no or low sodium foods at least seven days before the wedding. “Sodium holds 50 times its weight in water, so you can shed two to five pounds the week before the wedding just by doing this!” says Liz DiAlto of Fit, Healthy and Beautiful in New York City.

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4. Don’t skimp on water! 

To keep your skin clear and glowing, double up on your intake of water. It’s best to start doing this one-month prior to your wedding day. If you drink any alcohol or have wine for all of your pre-wedding parties, try to switch off between drinking alcohol and a glass of water.

5. Don’t forget your beauty emergency kit  

Include different sized safety pins, double sided sticky tape, a small sewing kit, a pair of scissors, a bleach pen, bobby pins, hairspray, blotting papers, mints, a razor, deodorant, Band-Aids, tissues, nail polish remover, a nail clipper, makeup remover wipes, tampons, and anything else you might need. It’s always better to be prepared for what can go wrong to make sure that nothing ruins your day!  If you have a wedding planner, not to worry, every good wedding planner already as all this stuff, all you need to bring is some powder and lipstick 🙂

Here are just a few beauty don’ts to ensure that you look and feel amazing on your wedding day!

Happy Planning Everyone!


Marielle, Nicole + Erika
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