DIY Mondays: The Honeymoon Postcard Keepsake

Honeymoon DIY, send yourself postcards! 

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Dear Hawaii Brides,

The Honeymoon Postcard Keepsake!  I love this creative and great idea that is quick and easy to do on your honeymoon. You’re probably going to be very busy but will want to remember every day of this special time. All you need to do is simply send yourself a postcard each day from your destination and write on it the memorable events of the day. Then, when you return home, bind them all together including photos and anything else you’ve saved from the trip, and you’ve got yourself a homemade, personalized scrapbook of your honeymoon! What a great keepsake!

Happy DIY Monday’s Everyone! 🙂


Tiffany + Nicole
Best Day Ever Hawaii
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DIY Mondays! Wedding Decor ~ Wood Photo Transfers

Looking for a cool way to display your engagement photos at your wedding?  Well, look no further, todays DIY project teaches our favorite DIY brides an easy step by step way to transfer your favorite photos to cool pieces of wood and other materials.

I love photos that really capture a memory, but I’m always trying to find new ways to showcase them. When I found this DIY I thought it was such a great idea! It’s an easy project and a fun way to display your photos or your engagement pictures at your wedding! Read on to find out exactly how to create you’re own one of a kind photo transfers >>> 🙂


Materials You Will Need:
Gel Medium
Paint Brush
Laser Printed Photo (on regular computer paper) 

diy, diy mondays, wedding decor, wood photo transfers, wedding photos


Engagement Photo Transfers in 5 Easy Steps:

Step 1. Get your piece of wood and paintbrush and paint a layer of the wood with an even layer of the gel medium.  Try not to avoid too many clumps 🙂 diy, diy mondays, wedding decor, wood photo transfers, wedding photos


Step 2: Now find your laser printed photo.  Make sure it is a laser print and not a ink jet print.  Place your photo face down on the gel and use your hands to press the photo firmly down onto the wood.  Making sure the entire surface of the image is flat and rub out any bubbles. Let it dry, diy mondays, wedding decor, wood photo transfers, wedding photos


Step 3: Now it is time to spray the photo (which is still face down) with water.  You may also use a damp rag to get the paper wet with water. Once the surface is wet, gently start to rub the paper away. Your photo will begin to show through as the paper is removed. Be very gentle when removing the paper as parts of the image can rub off. You may need to add more water along the way too. Don’t rush, this is the important (and fun!), diy mondays, wedding decor, wood photo transfers, wedding photos

Step 4: Once you have got all the paper peeled off, make sure to give it some time to dry, diy mondays, wedding decor, wood photo transfers, wedding photos


Step 5: Paint another layer of the gel medium over the entire image to keep your transfer locked, diy mondays, wedding decor, wood photo transfers, wedding photos


 Thanks to Michelle at Wed Loft for this really cool & inspirational DIY project. Photography by: Michelle Cangemi, Wedloftdiy, diy mondays, wedding decor, wood photo transfers, wedding photos

We hope everyone enjoyed todays DIY Monday Project!  Thanks also to Marielle, our new intern for finding this cute project!

Happy Monday everyone! 🙂 

Best Day Ever Hawaii
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DIY Mondays ~ Instagram Save the Dates

Instagram has recently become a fascination of mines so when I found a save the date that incorporates the app I had to share!!  This DIY is courtesy of Something Turquoise which is a site filled with fun wedding inspirations!

 DIY Instagram Save the Dates:

  1. Take a cute instagram photo of you and your groomdiy mondays, diy, instagram, save the dates, wedding save the dates
  2. Using Printstagram, upload your photo, edit and order prints in the form of a sticker book.
  3. After you’ve been mailed your stickers, print the save the date template and the sticker card template onto heavy weighed paper.
  4. Cut out each card rounding the edges if mondays, diy, instagram, save the dates, wedding save the dates
  5. Taking the back of a pencil, dip into an ink pad and stamp the appropriate date.
  6. Using glue or tape, layer and secure each piece together largest to smallest.
  7. Slip each into an envelope and mail them out!

diy mondays, diy, instagram, save the dates, wedding save the datesdiy mondays, diy, instagram, save the dates, wedding save the datesThis save the date adds a great personal touch. With something this cute it would be  impossible for your guests to forget your special date!

PICTURE CREDITS: Something Turquoise

Hope you enjoyed our Monday DIY Project ~ What did you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Monday everyone!


Nicole & Kelli
Best Day Ever
Hawaii’s Premiere Wedding Planning Team

Unique Wedding Aisles

unique wedding aisles, unique wedding, wedding aisle

It’s Friday ~ Hooray!  You made it!  Today’s post is on Unique Wedding Aisles!  Something most of you have probably never considered, but that could be Oh So FUN!

Seating can sometimes be tricky especially if you’re trying to accommodate a large number of guests.  If you want to be able to provide every guest with the best view you may want to try one of these fun aisle alternatives.  These two ideas put a slight twist on the traditional straight aisle and will make the bride and groom the center of attention, literally!

Spiral Seating:
The guests form the aisle!  Chairs are arranged into a spiral shape and the bride and groom meet in the middle.

Circular Aisle:
The bride and groom will be surrounded by the ones they love!  Chairs are arranged into one or a few semi circles with the alter in the center.

These aisle plans can be easily used in any setting! Brides can be especially creative in  large open spaces.  A hawaii beach would be the perfect location!

What type of aisle would you prefer?  We’d love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

Photo courtesy of Shannon Sasaki

Happy Friday everyone!

Nicole, Kelli & Erika
Best Day Ever
Hawaii’s Premiere Wedding Planning Team

DIY Monday’s ~ Easy Seating Charts

Seating charts can be a major wedding hassle especially if you have a long list of guests.  Here’s an ingenious idea I discovered from  Something Turquoise called the easy seating chart.  It only requires a few items and making changes is as easy as peeling off a post it! 😉

diy, diy mondays, easy seating charts, wedding seating charts, wedding seats

Start off with a poster board, post-it tabs, and a few marker:
1. Sketch out the table arrangements of your reception (create a circle or rectangle for each table)
2. Label each table according to preference (number, letter etc.)
3. Write each guests name onto a post-it tab and place them onto the appropriate table.
4.  Represent each specific group by using a different color (bride’s family, groom’s family, coworkers etc.)

This chart is perfect for last minute changes and can easily be adapted to fit any size wedding!  I love sharing quick DIY’s that’ll turn an otherwise stressful job like this into a quick and simple one!  I hope you found this helpful! Be sure to let me know what you think 🙂

PICTURE CREDITS: Something Turquoise

Happy Monday Everyone!

Nicole + Kelli
Best Day Ever Hawaii Wedding Planning

DIY Monday’s ~ Wedding Personalization: Envelope Liners

When it comes to making invitations unique and special, I find that it’s truly all about the details! Here’s a quick and easy way to spice up your invitations with something your guests won’t be expecting.  We love this little idea from the DIY Bride…  the idea is based around creating an adorable personalized photo version of the classic envelope liner.  If you’re having a destination wedding you could include an image of your location like a beautiful sunset or beach.  It’ll give your guests a little preview of what to expect!

diy mondays, diy, wedding personalization, envelope liners

  1. Take a sheet of heavy weighted cardstock and trace the outer edge of your envelope.
  2. Measure the width of the adhesive portion of your envelope flap and mark onto the cardstock. Use the envelope flap and your new marks to create a clean and even inner line.
  3. Make sure to follow the line down to the bottom of the template for an even border.
  4. Cut out your template and then trace and place your favorite photos or designs.

Envelope liners look classy and polished and are just as much functional as they are pretty.  Liners are especially useful for when your envelopes are a little too thin and your invitations contrast with the paper.  Adding that extra insert will ensure that only you and your guests will be able to see inside!  Plus it doubles the durability of your envelopes in the mail.

Do you have any interesting DIY ideas? We’d love for you to share it with us!

Happy Monday all! 🙂

xo ~

Best Day Ever Hawaii


DIY Monday’s ~ Edible Sea Favors PART 2: Madeleine Shells

I hope you enjoyed last weeks Edible Sea Glass Favors!  Here’s is the long awaited part 2! I know, I know.. it’s a part of our DIY Monday’s series … and today is Tuesday, but we’re any of you really checking your email yesterday when it was a holiday? My guess is probably not! So.. yes, I saved it for today:)

How I came across Madeleine Shells ~ the perfect beachy themed wedding favor…  After a long day I was craving something simple and sweet.  I thought a cookie would be just the thing!! I dropped by a small local bakery and came across madeleines, french butter cookies. Looking at the freshly baked cookies I was instantly reminded of sea shells!  (Madeleines are traditionally baked in scalloped edged pans)  These golden brown cookies became my newest inspiration for a beach themed wedding favor!

diy, diy mondays, edible sea favors, madeleine shells

PHOTO CREDIT: 101 Cookbooks- Madeleines Recipe

You can find madeleines pre-made in specialty bakeries or you can try making your own using this highly recommended recipe from 101 cookbooks.  Place one or two madeleines into a clear cellophane bag, tie a blue or beige ribbon and add a seashell shaped tag. Wanna get fancy? What about placing the cookie in a small bag and then putting that smaller bag into a larger bag filled with a little bit of sand and shells and even some sea glass, then tying off with a nice ribbom?  These cookies are elegant enough for a formal wedding and are beautiful enough to display without embellishments. Delicious and simple, magic words for any busy bride! They also go great with last weeks Sea Glass favors! Why not mix them up?

Give these beauties a try and let us know how you like them! 🙂

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you had a fabulous long weekend!!

xo, Kelli
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Best Day Ever Hawaii

DIY Monday’s ~ Edible Sea Glass Wedding Favors (PART 1)

Growing up on the beautiful island of O’ahu in Hawaii, of my favorite pastimes was hanging out at the beach and going treasure hunting … and I’m not talking about searching for pirate treasure.  I used to love hunting for unique sea shells and pretty shards of sea glass.  I even had a few friends who would spend hours hunting down the perfect pieces and turn them into fun art projects.  Now here’s the fun part – For all you crafty DIY Hawaii Brides, here are a few fun ways to incorporate these beauties into wedding favors for a Hawaii beach themed wedding! This will be a two part blog so stayed turned for part two next week!

Edible Sea Glass Hawaii Wedding Favors ~ LOVE!!

diy, diy mondays, edible sea glass, sea glass, sea glass wedding, sea glass wedding favors

Without further ado here is a simple and quick recipe for edible sea glass by the Partiologist – an avid party blogger with a passion for celebrations…   What’s great about these is that you won’t have to scour every beach in Hawaii to find them plus they’re completely edible! Check it out! >>>

diy, diy mondays, edible sea glass, sea glass, sea glass wedding, sea glass wedding favorsHow to create Edible Sea Glass Wedding Favors – in 6 easy steps!

1.Boil 2 cups of sugar, ½ cup of water and 2/3 club of white corn syrup together until you reach the “hard crack” stage (300 degrees F) and add your choice of flavoring or food coloring.

2. Pour mixture into a cookie sheet (aka. jelly roll pan) greased with a cooking spray.

3. Allow to cool and break into pieces using a knife.

4. Lightly sprinkle the candy shards with powdered sugar and toss to prevent sticking.

5. Take a small clear plastic bag add 1 Tbl sp. Of raw sugar and a little white chocolate sea shell to each bag then add the edible candy.

6. Finish each bag off by tying a ribbon or piece of tulle.

Customize the flavor and color according to your personal preference.  Like all of our favorite and ultra unique hawaii brides, each piece of candy is one of a kind.  Love that!

Pretty cool right? ~ And the best part… It’s very inexpensive & oh-so-easy!

Hope you enjoyed part 1 of our DIY Monday Post!
Do share your thoughts!  We’d love to hear them! 🙂

Best Day Ever Hawaii Wedding Planning

PHOTO CREDIT: Partiologist

DIY Monday’s ~ Romantic Lace Candle Votives!

Looking for something that can add a bit of elegance to a casual beach wedding or a whimsical vintage spin to a garden wedding?  These candle votives by spirello have a rustic/vintage feel that would be perfect for any table setting!  How romantical!  Ok, so I totally made up that word – but don’t you love it!  You’re gonna love these candle holders too!  Not only are they gorgeous but they are super simple to make!

diy, diy mondays, romantic lace candle voltives, romantic lace, lace candle, candle voltives diy, diy mondays, romantic lace candle voltives, romantic lace, lace candle, candle voltives diy, diy mondays, romantic lace candle voltives, romantic lace, lace candle, candle voltives

Romantic Lace Candle Votives in 5 Simple Steps:

  1. Blow up a latex balloon (the balloon will determine the size and shape of the candleholder)
  2. Soak a lace/crochet doily in wallpaper glue.
  3. Shape the soaked doily around the bottom of a balloon (may need to overlap two or three depending on the size of the balloon)
  4. Hang the balloon until the doily is completely dry.
  5. Insert a small candle light and you’re done.

I love how the candle light shines through the dainty perfect lace shapes! Romantic lighting like this is going to be a must at my wedding!

We hope you enjoyed this DIY! Let us know what you think we love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

Happy M O N D A Y everyone!
xo! Kelli
Best Day Ever
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DIY Monday’s ~ The Kissing Clothes Pin

I love DIY’s that take ordinary household items and turn them into something entirely unexpected!  Brooklyn Bride was looking for a unique cake topper and made an easy peasy DIY project that transformed a simple clothes pin into an adorable kissing bride and groom.  It’s creative, functional and versatile perfect for our crafty Hawaii brides!!

  1. diy, diy mondays, kissing clothes pin, diy weddingStart off with a large clothespin.  On half of the pin sketch with a pencil a tuxedo with a bow tie, on the other half sketch a wedding dress.
  2. Sketch accessories and facial expressions (Be creative!!)
  3. Using acrylic paint, paint over sketches
  4. Finish off by gluing a piece of lace for the bridal veil and you’re done!diy, diy mondays, kissing clothes pin, diy wedding

diy, diy mondays, kissing clothes pin, diy weddingThis formal version is adorable but you could easily change it to fit your wedding theme!  For a Hawaii wedding you could paint the groom in an aloha shirt and maile lei and the bride with a white dress and plumeria flower in her hair. LOVE IT!!

Hope you enjoyed our Monday DIY Project ~ What did you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

xo, Kelli
Best Day Ever
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PHOTO CREDITS: Brooklyn Bride