Top Oahu Wedding Bouquet Trends

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing your bouquet for your wedding. At Best Day Ever Hawaii we thought we would share some of the top bouquet trends hitting our island aisles! Here’s a couple of trends we’re sure you’ll love!

Top Oahu Wedding Bouquet Trends 

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1. Flower Choice 

When you first start thinking about what type of flowers you want, try to think of flowers that have special significance to you and your man.  You could think about using one of your birth month flowers or some of the type of flowers from the first bouquet your fiancé gave to you.

2. Mix it Up  

Everything in your bouquet doesn’t have to match perfectly, try to mix it up a bit by using a combination of flowers and colors. This will really help to make your bouquet pop when walking down the aisle. If you do want some uniformity, you can pick a color theme or a seasonal mix of flowers.

frankamodo3. Get Sentimental  

As time goes on, it’s becoming more and more popular to incorporate something that has meaning to you into your wedding. There are many different ways to do this just with your bouquet! Try using a piece of your dress or veil to wrap the flowers, or something from a loved one.

4. Go Green  

Adding splashes of green to your bouquet can really make it come alive. Don’t be afraid to add color and volume by integrating greenery. The contrast will brighten up your bouquet and add depth to the overall look.

shannonsasaki5. Ditch the Handle  

Be unique! Change up how you hold your flowers. Instead of carrying them tied together with something standard, try something more creative and personal. Attach your flowers to a book, a fan, any object that has special meaning to you and your groom.

Hope you enjoyed our Top Hawaii Bride Tips for Bouquets!  Got any of other fab ideas? We’d love to hear them!  Do share 🙂

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7 Fabulous Bouquet Toss Songs!

You close your eyes, you wear a smile from ear to ear, you release your grip and your flowers are flying through the air.  A gasp is heard as breaths are held, then a break out of cheers, you turn around to see which girl has caught the infamous bouquet, and you couldn’t be happier!  The bouquet toss at your wedding is one of the most precious moments you will have at your wedding and will share with your closest girlfriends forever! This is why you have to have the perfect song to toss your bouquet to!nicole and kenji, hawaii wedding

We’ve done a little research for all of our favorite Hawaii Brides and here’s what we’ve come up with…

7 Fabulous Bouquet Toss Songs!

1. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

2. Girls Just Want to Have Fun

3. Hit Me With Your Best Shot

4. Wannabe

5. Hola Back Girl                             

6. Haven’t Met You Yet

7. Dancing Queen

The bouquet toss at your wedding should be a really fun moment for everyone! I know that growing up and attending weddings, I loved being a part of that moment and always wanting to catch the bouquet. I can only imagine how special it feels to be the bride to actually throw the bouquet and get to see your closest friends shout with joy!  I would want that moment to be perfect, and part of that is by having the perfect song to toss your bouquet to! 🙂

What’s your favorite bridal toss song? Have any favorites not on the list? We’d love to hear them! Drop us a note 🙂

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