Tipping Wedding Vendors

Many brides have a lot of questions when it comes to tipping the vendors at their weddings. Tipping the vendors is not required but many vendors will expect some sort of gratuity unless they did a very poor job. Giving a tip to vendors should only be given if you feel the service was deserved. There are rough estimates as to how much should be tipped but really it is also up to you to decide what you feel as a couple is appropriate to tip.

If you have no idea what or where to start with tipping, here are a few tips on Wedding Tipping for our Hawaii Brides…

For the reception site and transportation check to see if there is an already added on gratuity fee. If there is, there is no reason to feel compelled to add on more. If not then a 15% tip would be a good amount. For hair and makeup pros, just like in salons a 15% to 20% tip is reasonable. Delivery people, servers, restroom attendants or valet attendants can be tipped according to the head count of your wedding or the price. For bartenders 10% of the liquor bill would be a typical tip. Delivery people can be around $5-10 depending on how much work is needed. For valet or restroom attendants, $1-2 per car or per person is a good tip. For catering companies, a tip is determined depending on the cost of the food and number of people, a 10-20% tip can be given depending on how awesome you felt the service and food was. Tips can be given to the headwaiter or manager. The officiant of your wedding should get a tip of around $50 -100 for nondenominational ceremonies but if you are an active member then a donation to your officiant’s church, synagogue or temple would be appropriate. The cake baker, stationer and rental company will not be expecting tips but if you feel they deserve them then it is up to you to determine a fair tip for them. Photographers and Videographers are usually tipped $100 if you are paying a flat fee with no overtime.  Coordinators are usually tipped 15% of fee or a personal gift.

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An easy way to make sure the tipping is all taken care of is to decide before the wedding how much will be tipped for each person. Set aside the money in envelopes with a little Thank You Note and have either your wedding planner or if you do not have a planner, have a bridesmaid or groomsmen help distribute them after the wedding is over. This will allow you to not stress over getting the money to all the people that helped make your day special. It also allows you to get all of your Thank You notes to vendors out of the way. 🙂 

Hope everyone is having a very Happy Wednesday!


Nicole + Erika
Best Day Ever Hawaii
Hawaii’s Premiere Wedding Planners 

Richie & Kristin’s Best Day Ever! The Perfect Hawaii Wedding!

We had the pleasure of meeting Kristin & Richie several months ago when they had just started their wedding planning. We clicked immediately and realized both Erika and I knew the two of them through mutual friends and through college. They were the sweetest couple and an absolute joy to work with. They decided to book a Partial Wedding Coordination with us and from April through December 2012, we helped them book vendors and organize a ton of details all to create the perfect Hawaii wedding.

hawaii wedding plannerRichie & Kristin met about 3 years ago through mutual friends. The had crossed paths yet did not officially meet until one very special football game. From the beginning it was obvious that they were the perfect match. Friends started noticing Richie was obviously more than a little enamored by Kristin. And one wouldn’t blame him with her big smile and gorgeous looks. To top it off, she was a complete sweetheart. The two dated for about 2 and a half years before he popped the question on Kristin’s birthday. And that’s about where we stepped into the picture.

From going over design concepts and figuring out how to incorporate a rustic feel, to choosing the perfect flower arrangements to fill Richie’s 86 homemade wooden boxes, to sorting out their nearly 400 count guest list, to attending meetings and creating very detailed timelines… we were there throughout the entire process and helped the two stay on task and organized.

It is rare to find a couple as in love and completely perfect for each other as these two and it was an honor to be a part of their special day! Kristin & Richie ~ we have grown to love you guys and wish you nothing but the happiest happy ever after – you guys deserve nothing less! Thank you Kristin & Richie for trusting us with your wedding day!  We loved being a part of it and hope it was everything you had envisioned and more!

Thank You to all of our Vendors!
Charline, Catering Manager & Danny, Banquet Captain & the entire staff at the Hale Koa Hotel
Cynthia SmootOfficiant
A Baked Romance & JoshuaWedding Cake / Cupcakes
Todd Oshiro & his staff Always Flowers
Christine Gardner & staffFlaunt Hair & Make-up
Ryan, Anson & LisaVisionari Wedding Photography
Kash, Jonas, & MikeAria Studios (Hawaii Videography)
LanaiEmcee Services
Min & the staff at Mystical Sounds DJ Services, Sounds & Uplighting
Flute A La Harpe Live Ceremony Music
Erica, Renee & Reina Flipbooks Hawaii
Ben & MailaMusicians at the Reception
Jay’s LimoTransportation
Kelli & Ceciour Best Day Ever Hawaii Wedding Planning helpers for the day

Thank You to an Amazing Wedding Party & to Richie & Kristins family!
Shari WachiMaid of Honor (sweetest maid of honor ever)
Jess MatsudaBest Man (awesome speeches / roasts)
Kristine Oki, Julie Yamamoto, Marcie Tasaka, and Arvi Aiwohi the beautiful Bridesmaids
Jon Nakamoto, Gavin Matsumoto, Kenneth Moon & John Spahn the handsome Groomsmen
Barbara & WayneKristin’s Parents
Virginia & SixtoRichie’s Parents

Now on to the good part, the photos!

The day started off with a trip to the bridal party suite at the Halekulani Hotel.  There we left the bride and groom a little surprise bottle of champagne for celebrating after the reception. (below)


The Halekulani Hotel . . . 4-Bridal Suite
Christine & staff working their magic with the girls. 5-Getting Ready
The lovely bride opening her fabulous gift from her groom . . . 6-Bride's Gift
Gorgeous flowers from Always Flowers 🙂 7-Bouquet
8-Bridal Photos
9-Aria Studios
Todd  (Always Flowers) & staff creating beautiful centerpieces with a mix of white flowers and natural herbs like sage, french thyme and mint.  All of this fit perfectly into the wooden planter boxes, handmade by the groom.  So pretty! 10-Setup
Hawaii wedding planners Best Day Ever (us!) set up all the table settings and favors.  Look at how cute the favors are!  Hand cut by the bride and groom, little white dresses and suites filled with chocolate candies!11-Table Decor
Beautiful bridesmaids posing for a quick pic! 12-Bridesmaids
Love the cake topper! 13-Wedding Cake
The gorgeous bride and her flower girls. . . 14-Flower Girl Gifts
The ceremony . . . 15-Guests
Carol & Aileen of Flute a la Harpe, working their magic . . . 16-Music
17-Wedding Procession
Here comes the bride!18-Here Comes the Bride
L O V E ! 21-Vows
22-Exchanging Rings
Horray!  Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Diaz!24-Husband and Wife
As the guests enjoy cocktail hour, the bride, groom, bridal party and family take a few photos at sunset.
27-Wedding Party
28-Friends & Family
28-Kristin Family
29-Richie Family
30-B&G Family
The guests waiting anxiously for the show to start. . . 31-Reception
Ben & Maila did a fabulous job setting the tone! 32-Ben & Malia
The First Dance. . . 33-First Dance
“Double Happiness” ice sculpture, created by the Halekoa Hotel staff. . . 34-Ice Sculpture
LOOOVE the cake topper! 35-Cake Topper
Cake Cutting 🙂 36-Cake Cutting
Garter Toss!37-Garter Toss
Fun with Flipbooks! 38-Flip Book
As the night comes to a close, the bride and groom say their Thank You’s 🙂 40-Thank You
The bride & groom with Hawaii Wedding planners – Best Day Ever! 41-BDE

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Richie & Kristin Diaz!
We’re so very happy for you both! Cheers to your “Best Day Ever!”

Nicole & Erika

Best Day Ever Hawaii
Hawaii’s Premiere Wedding Planning Team

First Hawaii Wedding as an Intern

Let me introduce myself, my name is Kelli & I began interning for Best Day Ever a few months ago.  I’ve learned so much in the process, and wanted to share with you a behind the scenes look at what really goes on at a Hawaii wedding with wedding planners Nicole & Erika of Best Day Ever Hawaii.

I’ve never experienced a Hawaii wedding before so attending my first as an intern I was super excited. Throughout my internship I’ve been able to catch a small glimpse into what a wedding is like but I must admit that experiencing it in real life is a completely different feeling.  Being able to watch the moments between father and daughter, the first look, and the first dance was incredibly special!

Photo below: me, Kelli 🙂

hawaii wedding, intern, best day ever hawaii intern, best day ever hawaii

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding and being a total newbie to the whole thing I’ll admit I got a little flustered keeping track of all the details.  Nicole and Erika had been working with this couple for months so they were fully prepared with everything including a list of things for me to do (Phew, thank goodness!!)


A wedding planner’s job starts and ends with catering to the needs of the couple.  I saw a lot of thing that I would expect to see like checklists, timelines, organizing place cards, talking with the florist and venue coordinators etc.  There were also a lot of things that I didn’t expect either like last minute changes with the flowers, finding batteries for a cake topper and even a tsunami warning (yes a tsunami warning!).

The tsunami warning was probably the biggest shocker of the night!  But as chaotic as I thought it would have gotten it was surprisingly calm.  We figured out the situation and kept everyone informed.  The groom made the announcement to the guests and everything went right back to normal. The night may have ended a little earlier than expected but overall I think the couple left happy. 🙂

To anyone that says they don’t need a wedding planner I can vouch that there’s way more to it than meets the eye.  It takes a real passion to do what Nicole and Erika do.   I realized that a truly great wedding planner will go far beyond simply organizing vendors and making sure everyone is accounted for.  A wedding planner needs to build a trust with each couple, fully understand their vision and be able to openly communicate with them.  Who else is going to remember to bring bug spray because everyone was getting bitten during the rehearsal or know the exact time the sun would set so they could get the perfect photos?hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, beach wedding, papailoa beach, papailoa beach wedding, north shore wedding, michael and jennifer, best day ever hawaii


If I could take away anything from my experience it would be that you have to be able to roll with the punches.  As a future bride I’d want to be rest assured that if a problem comes up my wedding planner will sort it out with little or no interference from me (Excluding natural disasters of course!)

I have to thank the bride and groom Kristen and Neal for allowing me to take part in their special day and to Nicole and Erika for taking me under their wing and teach me the ropes! It was an unforgettable first time experience!

~ Kelli
Best Day Ever Hawaii
Hawaii’s Premiere Wedding Planning & Event Design Team!

Vendor Spotlight : Creatrix Photography

Each week we try to feature a super special vendor whom we think our favorite Hawaii brides-would love!  This week, we are featuring Creatrix Photography- local photography company owned by Jenna Clark a fun loving, hopeless romantic and a strong believer of love.

Meet Jenna!
vendor spotlight, creatrix photography, hawaii photographyHawaii Wedding Photographer, and owner of Creatrix Photography

vendor spotlight, creatrix photography, hawaii photographyvendor spotlight, creatrix photography, hawaii photography

Jenna started her business in March of 2011 but has years of photography experience.  We love her enthusiasm and dedication!  After seeing her work I’m sure you’ll love her as much as we do!

vendor spotlight, creatrix photography, hawaii photography

Here’s more of our interview with Jenna…

What makes your style or you as a photographer different from other wedding photographers?  My goal at the end of the day isn’t to take a bride’s money, but to become her friend. I want to hang out, have a glass of wine and giggle over weddings and the men in our lives. I want to be emotionally invested in her special day, because the images are a billion times better that way.

vendor spotlight, creatrix photography, hawaii photography

What kind of experience can couples expect when they work with you? I’m a boutique wedding photographer so I only photograph three weddings a month. This allows me to focus on each couple as they should be focused on. It’s their wedding day and there is no reason they should be a number on my calendar.  I respond to most emails within eight hours, I make custom websites for my clients, I like to buy them drinks to get to know them, I show up early to all of my weddings and I deliver images in 30 days. I like to keep everything simple for my clients, to avoid confusion.

vendor spotlight, creatrix photography, hawaii photography

What are a few of your favorite past wedding experiences? My most recent favorite was the wedding I shot in Seattle, Washington. The bride flew me to Seattle, after talking with me for months in a coffee shop (she was my barista!). The wedding took place in a modern barn, she wore a gorgeous dress with a vintage veil and was fabulous! I was given an hour to just photograph her and her husband, which was awesome!!! I feel that if you’re paying thousands for wedding photography, you should make the time on your wedding day to get your money’s worth!

What is your avg. price range for packages?
On average, my brides can expect to spend around $3000 to get all of their bases and wedding covered.

vendor spotlight, creatrix photography, hawaii photography

Are there any key things couples should look for when hiring a photographer?

1.  Usually, cheaper is not better. I put in, on average, 30 hours into a wedding. With all of the emails, meetings, research, day of work, editing, more emails, insurance, equipment and gifts, it adds up. I like to spoil my clients, but this would be impossible if I charged $800 for a wedding.

2. Find someone you like. I know this seems like a “duh!” moment, but most brides don’t realize that photographers are there with you more than anyone on your wedding day. We see you happy, sad, scared, nervous and sometimes, angry. You need to hire someone you REALLY like, otherwise you’ll be unhappy with the results.

3. Ask to see examples of full weddings. Our websites showcase the best of the best, because the average consumer spends about 30 seconds on a website at initial arrival. If we don’t catch your eye immediately, we’ve failed. So when you find someone you adore, ask to see full weddings, so you know how they shoot receptions and other moments. If someone can’t show you at least two full weddings, run for the hills!

Are there any details or things to look out for couples should think about on the day of a shoot? I prefer brighter colors and always tell clients to avoid neutral colors, like khaki, forest green, navy blue or brown in any form. Accessorize and do your nails! Get your hair and makeup done! These images will be with you for the rest of your life, so take a break and let a professional take care of you!

vendor spotlight, creatrix photography, hawaii photography

A week before the wedding, I normally email a bride and remind her to bring a nice hanger for her dress. Nothing ruins a hanging dress picture like a hideous plastic hanger. I also remind her to wear a nice outfit while getting ready. I’ve had brides walk around with their business hanging out and those images have to be deleted.

The best light is an hour after sunrise and an hour and a half before sunset. Keep this in mind for your ceremony and pictures! I would strongly suggest working with your photographer on locations and even visit the venue with them prior to the wedding, at the time your wedding will take place. This helps you collaborate with them and help start a vision of the day!

Any special tips for couples looking for a wedding photographer who are tight on budget?  Some photographers give discounts to weddings on a weekday, but I’m a strong advocate for not skimping on wedding photography. The wedding day passes VERY quickly for everyone and at the end, the only way you’ll remember certain details is when you look at your photographs. DO NOT spend less money on someone, unless you’re POSITIVE you’ll be pleased with the results.   I really believe photography is an investment in your memories. Don’t haggle on what is the one form of capturing your day for the rest of your life.

What is one tip you can offer couples in regards to photography on their wedding day?  Do a first look! Besides the emotional benefits of doing a first look (i.e. getting the tears out of the way in private, having a moment with your honey before the chaos of the day begins) you can also get the pictures of the both of you done immediately. That way, if the ceremony or family pictures run long, you won’t have lost time for just the both of you.

We love this tip Jenna:) Couples take note – all of these tips are really good ones!!

What is one tip you can offer couples who are planning their wedding… something they may have overlooked that could make their day run smoother or something they should keep in mind on their big day?  The one thing I would say to keep in mind, is that at the end of the day, you’re married. So on the day, don’t stress anymore because there is nothing that you can do. Did the florist bring the wrong flowers? Minister drunk? There’s nothing you can do, so just choose to enjoy the day!
Want to know more? Leave us a comment here or visit Jenna’s website Creatrix Photography! 🙂

There you have it!  Our featured vendor of the week – Hawaii Wedding Photographer, Jenna from Creatrix Photography.  If you’re still looking for a photographer for your special day, be sure to check her out!  

Hope you enjoyed the tips from Jenna ~ and our little glimpse into Creatrix Photography… Until next time, Happy Wednesday!

xo, Nicole
Best Day Ever Hawaii
Hawaii Wedding Planning & Event Design Team

Vendor Spotlight : Choco le‘a

This week’s vendor spotlight is on Choco lea, a local specialty chocolate company that makes fresh natural products here in Hawaii.

Each week we try to feature a super special vendor whom we think you – our favorite Hawaii brides – would love!  This week, we are featuring Choco le‘a – A company that does amazing european one of a kind chocolate stations for weddings. If you love chocolate as much as I do, you are going to LOVE Choco le‘a!vendor spotlight, chocolea, chocolate, wedding dessert, dessert

Choco le‘a means “chocolate pleasures.”  And something really cool about this company is that not only do they makes fabulous confections but they also believe in giving back to the community.  For all catered events, they will donate 50% of their proceeds to the charity or other non-profit of the bride and groom’s choice.

vendor spotlight, chocolea, chocolate, wedding dessert, dessert
Who is Colins Kawai? Colins is one of our favorite vendors and someone we have grown to really care about.  He is the extremely nice and super easy going.  He is also the owner of Choco le‘a!  Our favorite Hawaii Wedding Chocolate station.  He is really amazing at what he does and loves working with his customers to create pieces that are uniquely theirs.  Want to know more? I know you do!!

Here’s more of our interview with Colins…

What makes your chocolate different?  Our specialty is gourmet, European dark chocolate truffles.  We are chocolate purists, which mean that we refrain from using artificial flavors, colors, powders, or additives, whenever possible.  We use local flavors, such as mochi, haupia, and lychee to create our designer truffles and offer a complete cocktail bar of liqueur truffles, including assorted premium wines, beers, and other spirits.

vendor spotlight, chocolea, chocolate, wedding dessert, dessert

What kind of experience will the bride and groom have if they hire you? How about their guests?   The bride and groom will feel like royalty at their wedding.  We work closely with our couples asking a lot of questions, and being very attentive to the details.  We will take what we learn to design unique flavors that will create a custom designer chocolate menu for their family and guests.  And, if they come up with a unique flavor, we will name that truffle after them.   We will be their personal chocolatier taking care of the set-up, staffing, clean-up and assistance in answering any questions for them and their guests.

vendor spotlight, chocolea, chocolate, wedding dessert, dessert

What do your prices start at and what do they include?   We believe in pricing our chocolates affordably.  We offer three prices, $6, $9, and $12 per person.  Our starting price would include free consultations, plus our designer truffle bar/chocolate buffet with up to a dozen truffle varieties, plus dipped cookies and fruits, in season.  Our premium package would include extravagances, such as our Dom Perignon champagne truffles etc.  We would also include a mini-version of our signature truffle bar/chocolate buffet at their bridal shower at no additional cost, among quite a few royal extras.

What have guests said about your chocolates?
Guests are simply amazed by our royal wedding signature truffle bar/chocolate buffet which is designed for lovers of chocolate and chocolate aficionados.

(He’s right – we have seen first hand how much guests fall in love with these chocolates.. think Honolulu Chocolate Company quality but better!  It’s an easy way to make a big impression on guests!)vendor spotlight, chocolea, chocolate, wedding dessert, dessert

Do you do tastings?

Yes, we do make and provide samples.  In addition, we also will host chocolate-tasting parties, which are a LOT of fun!  Our minimum fee is just $300 for a small, intimate group.  Our standard fee starts at $450.

If you have a sweet tooth, the Choco le‘a Chocolate Station could be the perfect solution for your wedding. Extremely elegant, these chocolates always are a big wow factor… We have even seen Colins create solid chocolate frames which held the couples engagement photos.  How cute is that?!

Want to know more? Leave us a comment here!
or shoot Colins an email today! ckawai@chocolea.com

We only do vendor spotlights on the best of Hawaii vendors… so hope you enjoyed todays post!

xo, Nicole
Best Day Ever Hawaii
Hawaii’s Premiere Wedding Planning & Event Design Team

Sneak Peek ~ Hawaii Wedding Shoot with Franco Salmoiraghi

Here’s a sneak peek into our Hawaii Wedding shoot with Franco Salmoiraghi.  I don’t usually post too many personal photos but I’m pretty excited about this shoot with Franco and couldn’t help but share.  My husband and I actually got married last November but unfortunately on our actual wedding day it was extremely windy and we ended up a little overwhelmed with the emotion of the day so at the last minute, we decided to save the portraits for another time.  Turns out this “another time” ended up being months later~ but on a perfect day at Kualoa and without the added emotion and intensity of the actual wedding day.  The entire experience was wonderful and I would encourage any bride that is unsure about having enough time to capture Hawaii Wedding Portraits on their actual wedding day to go ahead and just save them for another day.  It’s really a great way to take a little pressure of an already very jam-packed day, and usually a very overwhelmed bride and groom.

Right, so here you go, a sneak peak into our shoot with Franco.  Keep in mind this is just a peak, as most of the shots were done in black and white on film… and are to come later.  Super excited to see how the rest of the pics turned out but for now… he just sent us a few and is keeping us guessing:) PS> Franco’s my father in law, as well as a pretty well known photographer here in Hawaii. Lucky me!wedding shoot, franco salmoiraghi, nicole and kenji wedding shoot, franco salmoiraghi, nicole and kenji wedding shoot, franco salmoiraghi, nicole and kenji


Completely un-photoshop’d and pretty amazing as is. Can’t wait to see the rest!

For those of you looking for a great place to do a photo shoot here on Oahu, Kualoa is a wonderful spot.  The mountains on this side of the island are gorgeous and the ocean turquoise blue.  Plus, this spot is located right in front of Chinamans Hat!

Stay Tuned ~ More to come!

xo, Nicole
Best Day Ever Hawaii

Fisheye ~ the best in Wedding Videography

I am secretly in love with everything FishEye Studios does.  They have a really sweet way of bringing out the emotion and capturing the perfect moments on film. I love their style and way they incorporate music at all the right times. Heres a recent video they did of Darren and Stephanie I just had to share.

We’d also like to wish a big Congrats out to Darren and Stephanie!! You guys are seriously the cutest!!

Just a little tip from Best Day Ever ~ Your favorite Hawaii Wedding Planner.

Leave us a comment! We’d love to hear your thoughts!!

Vendor Spotlight: Shannon Sasaki Photography

Every few weeks we like to spend a little time talking to our favorite vendors, getting the inside scoop on who they are, what they do, what makes them special, and lots of other insider tips as to how they can help YOU!  This week’s vendor spotlight is on Shannon Sasaki, a local Hawaii Wedding Photographer who we recently had the pleasure of working with in February.  Shannon is super easy going, fun, and completely on top of her game when it comes to capturing the right shots at the right times.  It was such a pleasure to work with her and we would highly recommend her to all of our brides.  Her work is really awesome too.. I’m going to try to include a few of Shannon’s photos here, but if you’re looking for a photographer you should check out her full portfolio online at www.ShannonSasakiPhotography.com

Here’s more of our interview with Shannon….vendor spotlight, shannon sasaki photography, hawaii wedding photographer

How long have you been in business? I have shot weddings as a 2nd photographer for about 4-5 years BUT it has now been about 1 1/2 years since I have been on my own, doin my thang, and loving every step of the way. 🙂  

best day ever hawaii, hawaii wedding planning, Christian and Paige, hawaii wedding,Makapu'u beach, makapu'u beach wedding, beach wedding, oahu beach wedding, hawaii beach wedding, oahu wedding

What makes your style or you as a photographer different from other wedding photographers?  What makes me and my style different is my personally really shines through my work… Young, Fresh, Fun, Natural.  My work is a reflection of who I am and what my personality is like.  What makes that great is I attract clients who are very similar in personalities and I usually make a great friend after all of the wedding bonanza is through. I am a natural light phtographer, meaning, I stay away from the flash unless I absolutely must use it.  There’s something about using natural light that makes a photo much more real and candid and that is the kind of work I want to portray… natural, real, and fun. 

best day ever hawaii, hawaii wedding planning, Christian and Paige, hawaii wedding,Makapu'u beach, makapu'u beach wedding, beach wedding, oahu beach wedding, hawaii beach wedding, oahu wedding

What kind of experience can couples expect when they work with you?  Having FUN!  I was born on a friday… so I was made for the weekend and having a good time.  I’m not talking about taking tequila shots together lol (although if a couple calls me up on a night I’m off I won’t be rude and must accept! ;D  BUT I’m just saying I am an extrovert and love to meet new people and interact with everyone.  By the end of the night I will be talking to the brides mother or maid of honor like we were best friends.  I just like to make people feel comfortable as possible because I know how weird it can be having this tiny asian girl taking pictures of you all day and night so by making people feel more comfortable with me, they will forget I even have a camera in my hands and I’ll be able to get great candids! 🙂

waikane wedding, hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, mary and tony, best day ever hawaii, outdoor wedding

What are a few of your favorite past wedding experiences?  My favorite past wedding experiences are the ones that change the way I think or has an impact on my life.  Covering so many weddings you come across so many wonderful and intriguing people.  When I go home from a wedding with more than just nice pictures and learning something, that is always the best.  

papailoa beach, papailoa beach wedding, beach wedding, hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, north shore, north shore wedding, barbora and josef, best day ever hawaii

Are there any key things couples should look for when hiring a photographer?  It is very important to hire a photographer that YOU feel is a perfect fit for you and your fiance.  Yes its great and important to hire someone who has excellent work but it is just as important to hire someone who you get along with and click well with.  This person, the photographer you hire, is going to be with you the WHOLE day and getting to know and interacting with your family and friends and working with you for a good while before AND after the actual wedding day.  You need to make sure that you can trust your photographer to the fullest. So be sure to hire a photographer that fits into your personality and style so that he/she can capture your wedding exactly the way you envisioned.

Jason + Bianca 8/03/12 Waimanalo Bay Beach Park

Are there any details or things to look out for couples should think about on the day of a shoot (engagement or wedding) (ie. colors to wear, lighting, etc.)?  Lighting is best either morning before 11am or early evening before sunset.  If possible try not to schedule a shoot or formal family/wedding party portrait session on the wedding day in the middle of the afternoon.  The sun is directly above you in the afternoon and can cast some ugly shadows on your face.  It’s also not fun to be standing out trying to look pretty during the hottest time of the day… hot heat = sweat = shiny face = runny make up = unhappy bride. So try to plan accordingly and do photo sessions during those times of days.

vendor spotlight, shannon sasaki photography, hawaii wedding photographer

Any special tips for couples looking for a wedding photographer who are tight on budget?  I completely understand how weddings can get EXTREMELY pricey and make you cringe as you write out those checks!  But when it comes down to it, it’s like the saying… “Pictures are memories frozen in time.”  Pictures are what help you to relive a memory and all you have left after the wedding bonanza is done, are the photographs. Wedding photography is something you should really invest in and be prepared to spend a good amount for an excellent and well qualified photographer.  Its true to the saying that “you get what you pay for” and for putting a cost on what will allow you to relive those memories of your wedding day again in the future is truly priceless.  No I’m not saying spend $10,000 on the first photographer you look up but do your shopping around and meet with several photographers that catches your eye.  When you meet with your photographer and make a fabulous connection with and absolutely LOVE their work, it becomes worth it in the end.  Don’t limit yourself, there are HUNDREDS of photographers in Hawaii, your bound to find ONE who fits your budget and what your looking for OR find one whose worth going a little over your budget for. 

engagement, wedding engagement, hawaii engagement

See! Don’t you totally LOVE Shannon already? For more on Shannon and her work, please check out her website at: http://www.shannonsasakiphotography.com/

best day ever hawaii, hawaii wedding planning, Christian and Paige, hawaii wedding,Makapu'u beach, makapu'u beach wedding, beach wedding, oahu beach wedding, hawaii beach wedding, oahu wedding

Wishing you a very H A P P Y Saturday!,
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Please Hire a Wedding Planner

I stumbled across an article written by a girl named Leila in a blog called “Inspired by This”.  The title of this article is “Please Hire a Wedding Planner” and in short – it is about how things can go horribly wrong if you do not have a professional (trust worthy & very good) wedding planner.  In this true life story, the bride did not hire a wedding planner because she had banquet/catering manager (that came with the venue) who ensured her she would take care of everything.  Needless to say, that was not the case.  The banquet manager made last minute changes to the rental order that incurred extra late charges, that the bride did not find out about until the day of her wedding, she forgot to cue the musicians at the ceremony procession, forgot to remove the ribbon that blocks the center isle as the flower girls made their way to the front – and the list goes on… to read the full story click here – “Please Hire a Wedding Planner”.

Please don’t let these disasters happen to you!  When you’ve spent 6 months to a year or more planning such an important event (and thousands upon thousands of dollars) it is not worth it to skimp out on the one person who can ensure that your plan is executed seamlessly and your money spent on your vendors is well spent.  Ask any bride – if something, one thing or ten things went wrong, no matter how little – it’s those things that stick out in her mind. I have yet to have herd of one bride who has hired a wedding planner (or even a day of coordinator) and regretted it.

Wedding planners are essential. Well then, what’s the difference between a banquet/catering managers & a wedding planner…  aren’t they basically the same thing? Not even close – banquet managers are there manage the hotel staff, to assist w/menu selection, make sure the food is hot, tables are set, and hotel staff is on task. It is not their job to run your processional, sign-in table, assist your outside vendors, move your florals out of the sun until the ceremony starts so they aren’t wilted by the reception and make sure you don’t forget your bouquet when you walk down the isle. That’s what a wedding planner is for.

We love working with banquet and catering managers but we both understand we have completely different roles.  Just as you can’t expect your other vendors (photographers, deejays, etc.) to take on little wedding planner roles either.  Do all of your vendors a favor and hire a wedding planner so that they can do the job you paid them for – your photographer should not be running to get grandma a chair while she waits for her turn in the family photo.  After all you paid her/him big bucks to take brilliant photos – not do errands. That’s what we are for, all those little – millions of little – details… timelines, setting up, breaking down, running processionals, making sure your stress free and looking fab in your photos, making sure the deejay is playing your favorite song at the right time, etc. etc. In essence, we are here to represent you and to ensure your dream wedding is – nothing less than your Best Day Ever!

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Best Day Ever Hawaii Wedding Planner – Check out our video:)

I just wanted to share with you guys our first Hawaii Wedding Planner video.  I wanted to show you all in a  very fun and easy way what Best Day Ever Hawaii Wedding Planning Team is about and thought what better way to do so than through a video.

Many brides who get engaged don’t realize what a BIG project planning a wedding will become.  Have you ever planned an event for 50 or 100 people before? And keep in mind, this is not just any event – but the most important event of … your life? Thats what a wedding is, the event of a lifetime.

Planning a dinner for 50 people would be overwhelming – but planning an entire day, weekend or evening – filled with entertainment, food, drinks and good times for 50 people, that is another story all together.  Now if you have more than 50 people.. well good luck.  I’m not saying it’s not do-able because there are a few crazy brides out there who can make it happen.  But what most brides forget is that this is a very rare and short time period in their life (being engaged, planning a wedding…) and to try to fit planning the event of a lifetime into this time will take everything you have.  And forget about it if you have a full time job and kids.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could give a personal assistant a budget and she/he took care of the rest? We’ll – that’s what wedding planners do. period. The good ones already know the best places to save you money and best ways to execute the ideas you toss out. They execute your vision – on your budget.  What most couples don’t realize is that the money they save you in being an expert in the field – pays for their fees.  And in return, you get a personal assistant to handle your event of a lifetime – so YOU can enjoy the wedding day and have “FUN” during the wedding planning process.  How bout that?  Anyway – just wanted to share all of that in a fun way through our video. Check it out – and let me know what you think – I’d really appreciate any comments you might have:) Click here to see our Hawaii Wedding Planner Video now.. Or just play the link below.

PS> Might need to let it load for a minute before you watch it…

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