1000 Cranes ~ How to display all your hard work at your Hawaii Wedding

If you’re a Hawaii Bride, or of Japanese heritage, you have probably heard of the Japanese 1000 crane wedding tradition.  But if not…  here’s a quick background:  The 1000 crane tradition started as a folklore that said “if a bride finishes the laborious task of folding 1000 paper cranes also known as “sembazuru” she would be greatly rewarded with a happy and prosperous marriage”.  The folding of the cranes is very popular here in Hawaii and over the past few years we always get tons of questions from brides wondering how to best display all of their hard work.

We have found that most brides choose to frame the 1000 cranes, as this is a way to display the cranes and keep them as a piece of art and keepsake that will last generations (scroll down to see a pic).  However, many of you brides might be leaning towards displaying them in other ways – like hanging them as an elegant art installment to be featured at your wedding.

Well, if this is the case, we have a few FUN ideas on how to hang your cranes in a beautiful and elegant way that will create a wonderful display at your Hawaii Wedding.

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How to Display 1000 Cranes: Oragami Crane Garland!

IDEA 1. 1000 Cranes: A Backdrop to your Wedding Cake
Why not display your cranes as a backdrop to your wedding cake? String them along (see instructional below on how to create Oragami Crane Garland). and then hang from ceiling (or tent) in several long lines, creating a backdrop to your wedding cake.  A gorgeous way to highlight your cake and a beautiful backdrop to the cake-cutting ceremony.  Tip: Make sure to secure the foot of each string of cranes to the ground with some sort of weight to ensure that they don’t blow around or move out of place.  

IDEA 2. 1000 Cranes: A Backdrop to the Head or Sweetheart Table 
Same idea as the backdrop for the wedding cake, but this time use them as a backdrop to the head table or sweetheart table. String them along (see instructional below). and then hang from ceiling (or tent) in several long lines, creating a backdrop to the main event… You!  Several long strings of cranes will create a magical backdrop and will also look amazing in photos.  Tip: Make sure to shine some sort of uplighting on the cranes so that they don’t fade away into the background once it gets dark!

IDEA 3. Hang your 1000 Cranes on Clothespins, Perfect for a ShabbyChic or Rustic Wedding!
Hang your cranes with multi-colored clothespins.  This is perfect for a rustic or shabby chic wedding!  You may even decide to just use shades of the same colors used in your wedding color scheme. Or perhaps an array of ombre colors?!  Spray paint clothespins ahead of time to ensure they are dry.  Tip: Choose the hanging spot for the clothesline ahead of time and make sure to measure everything out to ensure that the space can fit 1000 cranes.  

IDEA 4. 1000 Cranes Chandelier
Create strands of Crane Garland (see instructional below) and clump together to create a 1000 Crane Chandelier.  Hang the chandelier in the center of the dance floor (or center of the tent to create a unique and beautiful display.  This will also photograph beautifully:)  Best part, you can take it home afterwards and display in the corner of your house.  A keepsake that will last for years!  Tip: Make sure to add small weights (fishing weights will probably work well for this) at the bottom of each piece of crane garland to ensure that if it gets windy, they strands won’t blow around too much and get all tangled up.  Also make sure that whoever is hanging the crane chandelier has plenty of time to set it up properly 🙂 

IDEA 5. 1000 Cranes: A Backdrop to your Ceremony!
Same idea as the backdrop for the wedding cake or sweetheart table, but this time use crane garland as a backdrop to the ceremony area. Hang  the strands from the wedding ceremony tree, or from an arch piece creating a gorgeous backdrop to the main event… you and your fiance’e saying “I do!”  Several long strings of cranes will create a magical space and will also look amazing in those first kiss photos.  Tip: Make sure the bottom of the strands are secured down properly, you don’t want them blowing around in the wind and getting all tangled up!

Now…  incase you weren’t quite sure, here is little tutorial on:

How to Create Oragami Crane Garland in 6 Easy Steps: 

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And of course…  if the idea of hanging the cranes, sounds like too much work for you, you can always get them framed.  Here’s a fabulous display of framed cranes that was used at one of our previous weddings.  Bride Andrea & groom Brian did an amazing job with this 1000 Crane display.

hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, hawaii prince hotel, hawaii prince hotel wedding, andrea and brian, best day ever hawaiiFolding 1000 cranes can seem like a daunting task but always remember that just like everything else in your wedding; you don’t have to do it on your own.  Ask your family and bridal party to fold a few every day.  The more people you get involved, the less work you have to do and the more meaningful the finished piece will be.  It has also been said that the more people you involve, the more luck you will have! 🙂

I wanted to create this blog post to give a few ideas to one of our very special brides.. Layna, but hopefully this inspires you as well.

Any additional ideas or thoughts on how to hang 1000 cranes? We’d love to hear them… Do share!

Happy Sunday!

xo, Nicole
Best Day Ever Hawaii
Hawaii’s Favorite Wedding Planning & Event Design Team