Our Top 5 Favorite Flower Girl Trends

The flower girl plays a very important role in your wedding. As she precedes you down the aisle, she scatters beautiful flowers (that you have carefully chosen) towards the alter where you will meet the man of your dreams. Not every Oahu Wedding has a flower girl in their bridal party, but if you choose to use one it is a wonderful way to get the younger members of your family involved in one of the most memorable days of your life.

The flower girls primary job is to be darling, of course! And to make sure she is the cutest thing to walk down the aisle, so, for all of you, our favorite Hawaii Brides and Grooms, we’ve done a little bit of trending research and here’s what we’ve come up with… 

 Best Day Ever’s Top 5 Favorite Flower Girl Trends 

nicole and kenji, hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, hawaii wedding planner, best day ever hawaii1. Add a sash! 

Adding a sash to her dress that is the same color as the bridesmaids dresses can tie the whole bridal party together.

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2. Flower girl crowns  

Adding a tiara or a crown of flowers to your flower girls head will make her feel like a princess walking down the aisle (and might even make her stand up straight and look up when she walks!)

Ky and Lorrie, hawaii wedding, Ihilani Koolina Wedding, oahu wedding3. Sequined shoes 

You can add a little spring to your flower girl’s step by outlining her ballet flats with two rows of sequins.

4. Flower girl wands

There’s nothing more joyful than flower girls skipping down the aisle with wands that flutter and fall. Your girl will be happy and content as your guests are thoroughly entertained by the little fairy dancing down the aisle.

5. Bouquet with a ribbon 

Little girls are not always so careful with handling their flowers, by adding a ribbon you can give the bouquet some staying power while still having the bouquet look super cute!hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, kokololio beach, kokololio beach wedding, jana and luke, best day ever hawaii, destination wedding

One of the best parts about these trends is that they can all be very inexpensive to create! Sequins can be found at your local Ben Franklin store or at a Fabric store where you could also get a sash! Every single one of these ideas is super cute and will make your flower girl feel like a princess walking down the aisle! 🙂



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