The Best First Dance Ever!

omg. Soooo good. You have to watch this all the way through. The groom, who reminds me of Chris Farley a little bit – is SO AWESOME! I wish my husband would have done this with me. Love it!

5 Stars -from your Favorite Hawaii Wedding Planner – Best Day Ever.

Getting the Groom Involved in the Wedding Planning

Just get engaged and find yourself head deep in wedding planning? It is not uncommon for the bride to take on all the wedding planning tasks, leaving little for the groom to do. Perhaps it is because you don’t want to burden him or because you know he just really doesn’t care. Or maybe you think if you involve him he’ll just get annoyed at all the frills of one silly day. Whatever it may be – maybe it is time you started giving this a second thought.

It may sound silly, but a lot of men are worried that they’ll just get in the way and express an opinion you won’t like. Although that may be true, try your best to be open to his ideas. Take them with a grain of salt and be thankful he’s open to being a part of this process. I’m sure if it were up to him you’d have a small wedding and go on an extravagant trip afterwards, but this day is for you.. and he knows that.

So try speaking to him honestly, tell him what your big picture is and explain why it’s important to you. Most guys will get motivated just knowing they are making you happy. It’s important to ask his opinion, you may be surprised at the good ideas he does have. After all, he is going through the emotional journey of committing himself you to you for the rest of his life, he might also have an opinion of how that commitment is expressed on your special day.

Perhaps, leave out the frilly stuff, like what store the bridesmaids dresses dresses are from and how cute the one sleeve dresses are that you found for oh so cheap at Forever 21, or how the bouquets cascade down in wonderful aquas and teals or how your the jewelry matches perfectly with the jewels on your new heels, as these are things you know he probably has no interest in, nor can he really offer you any good advice. Do ask his opinion on the food, the booze, the speeches, the music, the entertainment and the honeymoon. Those are fun things you can both plan together.

Once he’s on board give him some tasks. Men love clearly defined tasks. Have him do things you know he’d be good at like building the archway or wedding signs, figuring out the table layout or deciding on the beer of choice and ordering the keg. It will be fun for the both of you to take part in this process together and leaving a few key tasks on his shoulders will take a load of stress off of yours.

Lastly, don’t underestimate your guy, or even worse ignore him. To your surprise, many men don’t mind discussing what color the wedding tablecloths will be, or how you are going to wear your hair. It makes him excited to see you get excited, so why not start getting him involved?