Congratulations Janell! Winner of a FREE Personalized Wedding Hanger!

If you’ve been following our blog or our facebook you’ve probably seen that we have had a FREE Personalized Wedding Hanger contest going on for a few weeks now. A bunch of you entered today we are super excited to announce that we have a winner!  Congratulations Janell Nohara! 


We’re so excited for Janell who is also one of our favorite bride to be’s because we know this hanger will look sooo good with her gorgeous wedding dress!  Janell and Aaron (her fiancee) met at at USC, both were going to school for mechanical engineering how cool!,when they fell in love two and a half years ago.  Janell can be described as a happy go lucky, kind hearted girl who is always in a good mood which is perfect for Aaron who Janell describes as driven, competitive and thoughtful.  

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Just wanted to share a quick bit about the two because I’m sooooo in love with their story and was completely impressed by Aaron and his well thought out, super dooper extra sweet engagement plan. Guys take note ~ this is a good one!!

Heres the how it went:

Aaron planned a surprise trip for Janell and tricked her into thinking it was for her birthday.  Well, it sort of was but there was a lot more to the plan than a birthday celebration.  This was not a typical day trip to the beach – I’m talking a plane ticket to an outer island at a chic hotel complete with a spa day planned kind of trip.  Talk about L U C K Y ! ~ (great catch Janell!) Upon arrival Aaron informed Janell that he had a spa day planned for her and told her the two of them would be spending the day getting massaged and pampered.  They split up for the massage and Aaron pretended as though he was getting massaged but secretly snuck off to head back to the room to decorate and get it ready for the real surprise – the proposal. 

Aaron did a quick super romantic set up with candles and rose petals which all centered around a scrapbook he made for her which was filled with mementos of their relationship (including movie tickets, and any and everything he had saved that reminded him of her throughout the past years), the last page was special and was to include the proposal. He barely finished in time and rushed back to pretend as though he had just finished getting massaged and then the two headed back up to the room.

Of course Janell was completely surprised by the set up and kept asking “whats going on?”, thinking this is kind of elaborate for a birthday isn’t it?.  Aaron showed her the scrapbook and when she got to the last page he was so overwhelmed with emotion all he could do is point to “will you marry me”.  Of course, she said “YES!”

Congrats you two! We’re so excited for your big day!

And a special Congrats to Janell – Winner of the Free Personalized Wedding Hanger (courtesy of the Wedding Hanger Shop) Also, a big Mahalo to Travis at the Wedding Hanger Shop for donating the wedding hanger.

personalized wedding hanger, janell

aaron and janell, engagement, hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, best day ever hawaii

If any of you brides are looking for a wedding hanger – this is the place to go.  We got one for Best Day Ever – and let me just tell you – It is gorgeous!  Very well-made and sooo cute!  Personalized hangers range from $22 – $32 and are the perfect memento for such a special occasion.  Check out the wedding hanger shop for more info.

personalized wedding hanger, janell

Photos courtesy of The Wedding Hanger Shop and Leo Djiwatampu.

Happy Thursday! xoxo, Erika and Nicole (Hawaii Wedding Planners, Best Day Ever Hawaii!)

FREE Personalized Wedding Hanger! Just “Like” this post or comment on it!

We just got our Best Day Ever personalized wedding hanger in the mail…  and are just  ♥LOVING ♥ it! Don’t you want one too?  All you have to do is “Like” this post or comment on it and you are entered to win a Personalized Wedding Hanger of your own!  Super easy right?  They make really cute gifts too!  Winner to be chosen on May 1st. 

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Don’t mind my (golden retriever) Cally’s crooked teeth.. 🙂

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Loving our personalized hanger! You need one too!!

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I can’t help it, she’s always doing something so cute – I had to include her in the pic..

Special Thanks to Travis at The Wedding Hanger Shop for the hanger donation! Free shipping too!! Don’t miss your chance! Our’s came out soooo cute!