DIY Monday’s ~ Edible Sea Favors PART 2: Madeleine Shells

I hope you enjoyed last weeks Edible Sea Glass Favors!  Here’s is the long awaited part 2! I know, I know.. it’s a part of our DIY Monday’s series … and today is Tuesday, but we’re any of you really checking your email yesterday when it was a holiday? My guess is probably not! So.. yes, I saved it for today:)

How I came across Madeleine Shells ~ the perfect beachy themed wedding favor…  After a long day I was craving something simple and sweet.  I thought a cookie would be just the thing!! I dropped by a small local bakery and came across madeleines, french butter cookies. Looking at the freshly baked cookies I was instantly reminded of sea shells!  (Madeleines are traditionally baked in scalloped edged pans)  These golden brown cookies became my newest inspiration for a beach themed wedding favor!

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PHOTO CREDIT: 101 Cookbooks- Madeleines Recipe

You can find madeleines pre-made in specialty bakeries or you can try making your own using this highly recommended recipe from 101 cookbooks.  Place one or two madeleines into a clear cellophane bag, tie a blue or beige ribbon and add a seashell shaped tag. Wanna get fancy? What about placing the cookie in a small bag and then putting that smaller bag into a larger bag filled with a little bit of sand and shells and even some sea glass, then tying off with a nice ribbom?  These cookies are elegant enough for a formal wedding and are beautiful enough to display without embellishments. Delicious and simple, magic words for any busy bride! They also go great with last weeks Sea Glass favors! Why not mix them up?

Give these beauties a try and let us know how you like them! 🙂

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you had a fabulous long weekend!!

xo, Kelli
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