DIY Monday’s ~ Easy Seating Charts

Seating charts can be a major wedding hassle especially if you have a long list of guests.  Here’s an ingenious idea I discovered from  Something Turquoise called the easy seating chart.  It only requires a few items and making changes is as easy as peeling off a post it! 😉

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Start off with a poster board, post-it tabs, and a few marker:
1. Sketch out the table arrangements of your reception (create a circle or rectangle for each table)
2. Label each table according to preference (number, letter etc.)
3. Write each guests name onto a post-it tab and place them onto the appropriate table.
4.  Represent each specific group by using a different color (bride’s family, groom’s family, coworkers etc.)

This chart is perfect for last minute changes and can easily be adapted to fit any size wedding!  I love sharing quick DIY’s that’ll turn an otherwise stressful job like this into a quick and simple one!  I hope you found this helpful! Be sure to let me know what you think 🙂

PICTURE CREDITS: Something Turquoise

Happy Monday Everyone!

Nicole + Kelli
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