Happy Valentines Day!

Today is Valentines Day!  That super awesome day that couples spend together reconnecting over a special dinner and celebrating with flowers, candies and heart shaped balloons.

happy valentines day

Today, I wanted to share with you a True Valentines Day Story…  my story.  I don’t usually spend too much time talking about personal stories on here but this is too good not to share and for those of you who could use some Valentines Day Cheer!  ~ read on 🙂 


This morning I took a walk to the grocery store and found myself stuck in a whirlwind of a Valentines Day frenzy – guys rushing to buy single stem red roses (at $6.99 a stem!), silver red and pink giant heart balloons bobbing in every store, and truck fulls of candy baskets unloading in the shopping center parking lot. Needless to say even though I didn’t buy any special cards or balloons for my sweetheart, the whole reason I was up so early in this Valentines Day mess was because I was heading to my favorite breakfast shop “Andy’s” to get my husband a little valentines breakfast surprise.

I haven’t been having the best week, or maybe even the best month.  Just a mess of crappy things one after another keep happening… from a broken toe to many sleepless nights probably due to a little too much stress, to a landlord tenant fiasco.  And this morning I was apparently no different.

As I was standing in line to get special blueberry pancakes for my husband (which I never do btw but decided to do for this special Valentines Day occasion), just as I got to the front of the line, the breakfast lady tells me “I’m so sorry honey, but we’re done with breakfast, you just missed the cut off”.  This wouldn’t have been so bad except for the fact that I was standing in line for roughly 25 minutes before I finally got to the front of the line. Apparently I had got in right before a group of about 12 teenagers who went ahead ordering just about everything on the breakfast menu from omelets and asai bowls to pancakes. And seeing all of this wonderfulness coming out one after another only made me want my blueberry pancakes even more.

So, yeah, no pancakes, instead I had to settle for some freshly baked goods, which I decided would be an ok substitute.  I decided in that moment I was not going to let anything ruin my Valentines Day, and told myself maybe it was meant to be, god did not want me eating those three giant pancakes loaded with butter and delicious syrup and really it was much better for me to eat the bran blueberry muffins instead.  I do this a lot, try to use positive thinking to pretend crappy things don’t exist.  I can’t really decide if it works or not.

Anyway, so I get home a bit bummed out about the pancakes but happy that I have blueberry something (since I’ve been craving blueberries) and make some coffee and put the muffins in the oven so they appear to be homemade when my husband wakes up.

He wakes up and is very excited about the muffins and the fresh hot coffee I have waiting for him and together we enjoy a very simple and sweet Valentines Day breakfast.  It was almost perfect.

Except for one thing…  My husband, trying to be helpful, brought me a butter container filled with what looked like butter that had been sitting out for too long (a little soft and a weird consistency) which I thought for a mini second – “this looks weird” – but quickly disregarded and promptly spread all over the both sides of each muffin.  Then, because I was starving (after spending the last hour trying to get these muffins) I started eating one of the halves thinking to myself, this tastes a little odd, but eating it anyway.  After I finish the one half and go to pick up another, my husband says “Is this mayonnaise?”.

OMG – duh!  The worst part, it’s totally my fault.  I was the one who filled that butter container with mayo last night (in our attempt to be cheap and buy the gigantic mayo container from Costco which needed to be put into a smaller container for daily use) and he totally grabbed the wrong butter container.  And yes, it was too late, I ate the mayo covered blueberry muffin and the rest of the blueberry muffins were now covered in mayo as well.  Not a little bit if mayo, a whooping spread of mayo all over each of the muffins.  Just great.

At this point, I’m like – bring it on, can anything else go wrong?  And a few seconds later just as I’m going to put the disgusting mayo covered muffin down, a big piece falls off into my coffee. We both start laughing.  He says “you aren’t having the best week are you?”.

I dump my cup of coffee and I pour myself a 1/4 cup of what is left of the coffee press, it’s not a full cup and by now it’s luke warm, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.  We cut off the mayo parts of the muffins and eat what is left (which isn’t very much). And then we just sit up close next to each other and make the best of what we have. ♥ That’s life I guess. Crappy stuff happens, I’m just happy to have someone I love dearly to share it with.  Mayo covered blueberry muffins and all.


That is my Valentines Day story!  And as you can see – not the best start to a Valentines Day surprise and definitely not my “Best Day Ever”.  Still a pretty funny story -yes? I hope your Valentines Day is a little bit better!

The eternal optimist, I still have high hopes for dinner and I will make sure NOT to spread mayo on my dinner roles.kalalau trail, kalalau engagement, kauai, engagement, engagement photos, engagement shoot, hawaii engagement

Wishing all of my favorite brides, grooms, vendors & brides and grooms to-be a Very Happy Valentines Day!  May your day be filled with roses, sunshine and romance! ♥♥

xo,  Nicole

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