French Macaroon Wedding Favors

I recently went to Eat the Streets, a local food festival in Hawaii that goes on once a month. Being that it was my first time I was almost overwhelmed with all of the food options! My friends and I couldn’t decide on one place for dinner but when it came to dessert we were all in agreement it had to be French Macaroons!!

french macaroon, wedding favors

These small baked meringue cookies and soft centers have been a huge trend recently, especially in weddings. Imagine one, two or three of these little beauties in a simple clear box with a simple ribbon that matches the colors of your wedding.

There are tons of flavors to choose from and a variety of colors to mix and match! What I love most is that they won’t melt so they can also be easily packaged ahead of time too!  Choose a clear cellophane bag or a clear plastic box then top it off with a ribbon and a cute DIY paper orchid or a favor tag that has your initials on it.  Super cute right? And don’t forget you can choose flavors that match the colors of your wedding too! White’s go with everything, but if you’ve got a blue theme’d wedding going on, why not ask your baker if she can do blue french macraroons?  French macaroons make beautiful favors that are easy to eat, gorgeous to look at and oh so tasty!!

Wondering where you can get these fab favors here in Hawaii?  Here’s a Best Day Ever insider tip: Try CakeWorks Hawaii, in Honolulu (right across from the Hawaiian Humane Society), they have delicious one of a kind Hawaii-inspired flavors. Other local shops that have French Macroons…  Honolulu Coffee Company (Ala Moana), The Pacific Place Tea Garden (Ala Moana), or Patisserie Palme D’Or (Ala Moana).

And for our favorite Hawaii DIY brides . . .  Here’s our favorite DIY Recipe for French Macaroons.

Do you love these as much as I do?  I’d love to hear your thoughts! 🙂