Hawaii Brides: The Top 5 Bridal Beauty Don’ts!

There are so many things that can go wrong when it comes to your wedding! We’ve got a special treat for our Hawaii Brides today!  Here’s a list of the top 5 bridal beauty don’ts that can make sure you look stunning for your big day!

The Top 5 Bridal Beauty Don’ts! 

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1. Don’t Tan. 

You don’t want to get too dark for your special day; it can look unnatural in your photos. Especially if it’s a spray tan gone wrong. Not too mention that you are putting yourself at risk of skin damage. Having a bad tan is one of the worst looks, and it’s not fixable! Say no to the tan and go for a nice bronzer that will make your skin glow but still keep you looking natural.

2. Don’t drink wine or eat dark-colored foods like berries.  

You should try to avoid foods that can tint your pearly whites because no one wants a stained smile captured in their wedding photos! To get them nice and pearly, invest in a professional teeth-whitening service. On a budget? Try your local drug store for something like Crest Whitestrips. What ever whitening regimen you are going to use, start about one month before the wedding.

3. Don’t ingest excess sodium the week before the wedding.  

That means no salty foods, sauces, dressings, or salty deli meats. Instead, go for the no or low sodium foods at least seven days before the wedding. “Sodium holds 50 times its weight in water, so you can shed two to five pounds the week before the wedding just by doing this!” says Liz DiAlto of Fit, Healthy and Beautiful in New York City.

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4. Don’t skimp on water! 

To keep your skin clear and glowing, double up on your intake of water. It’s best to start doing this one-month prior to your wedding day. If you drink any alcohol or have wine for all of your pre-wedding parties, try to switch off between drinking alcohol and a glass of water.

5. Don’t forget your beauty emergency kit  

Include different sized safety pins, double sided sticky tape, a small sewing kit, a pair of scissors, a bleach pen, bobby pins, hairspray, blotting papers, mints, a razor, deodorant, Band-Aids, tissues, nail polish remover, a nail clipper, makeup remover wipes, tampons, and anything else you might need. It’s always better to be prepared for what can go wrong to make sure that nothing ruins your day!  If you have a wedding planner, not to worry, every good wedding planner already as all this stuff, all you need to bring is some powder and lipstick 🙂

Here are just a few beauty don’ts to ensure that you look and feel amazing on your wedding day!

Happy Planning Everyone!


Marielle, Nicole + Erika
Best Day Ever Hawaii
Hawaii’s Favorite Wedding Planning Team! 

How to Stay Organized for your Hawaii Wedding

Have you ever heard the saying, “Organization is the key to success”? Well when it comes to your Oahu Wedding, it is most definitely true! It is very important to stay organized from the very beginning of starting to plan your wedding day. There are so many details that have to go in to planning a wedding, and being organized can prevent you from getting overly stressed. Here at Best Day Ever Hawaii we have a few tips on how to stay organized for your Hawaii Wedding.

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Buy a Calendar or Datebook
Once you determine your wedding date, set specific dates by which you want to get things accomplished. For example, you got engaged in June, and your wedding date is April 24. On August 31, mark in that you want to have the ceremony location and reception hall reserved. Try to get as much done as possible in the first few months so that the last few months won’t be so hectic.
2. Set Aside Time
Choose a day of the week when you’ll focus on the wedding details, or several days. Sit down together and plan. This eliminates confusion – i.e., the groom thinks he’s supposed to call and check on hall rentals when the bride has already narrowed it down to what will suit their needs.
3. Share Duties
This is the best way to get things done. You should both be involved in every step along the way. Make a list of details to be taken care of, then divide the list in half. Each of you choose what you want to do. This will help to make the grooms want to be involved, instead of making them feel like they have to help. Involving your husband to be will make him feel that it’s his wedding too.
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4. Download the App Bride Guide
If you are a bride on the go, you need an app called Bride Guide. It helps you keep all of your precious wedding information in the palm of your hand. It was designed by a wedding planner, so besides checklists, budget trackers, and calendars, you’ll also get helpful articles and real-life wedding advice, like which flowers are in season. If you don’t want to carry a binder to keep track of everything, every where you go, I highly recommend this app!
5. Ask for help! 
Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family members and friends! You don’t want to take on too much and become stressed out months before your wedding. Talk to your friends and see what they would be willing to help out with, that’s what they are there for!
6. Get a Coordinator

It’s important, to have a coordinator help you!  Some brides need a little more help from the beginning of the planning process, some in the middle and if your a complete DIY and super organized type of bride you may not need help until the very end.  Make a decision as to what type of wedding planning help you will need prior to calling a wedding planner.  Check out all of their services and reviews and then schedule a time to meet!  Never book a coordinator without having a consult first!  Take the time to get a good idea for what service they are providing and make sure to have a list of questions for them too.  There are so many details that need to be gone over and checked especially in the last few months before the wedding and theres also, no way the bride (or a family member can step in at the last minute to pull off such an important and large event, the event of the a lifetime!).  This is the most important tip, we can give, hire a planner!  Hire a professional, someone you trust to handle all of the details of your special day so that you can sit back and enjoy all of your hard work and planning! 🙂


There’s a lot to think about when it comes to planning a wedding, that’s why it is so important to stay organized from the very beginning! Hope you enjoy our Top 6 Wedding Tips and I hope they help you stay organized throughout the whole process! To all our favorite Hawaii Brides and Grooms ~ Congrats on your engagement!

Happy Monday!


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Hawaii Couple Pic courtesy of one of our featured photographers:  Ashley Goodwin.

Our Top 5 Favorite Flower Girl Trends

The flower girl plays a very important role in your wedding. As she precedes you down the aisle, she scatters beautiful flowers (that you have carefully chosen) towards the alter where you will meet the man of your dreams. Not every Oahu Wedding has a flower girl in their bridal party, but if you choose to use one it is a wonderful way to get the younger members of your family involved in one of the most memorable days of your life.

The flower girls primary job is to be darling, of course! And to make sure she is the cutest thing to walk down the aisle, so, for all of you, our favorite Hawaii Brides and Grooms, we’ve done a little bit of trending research and here’s what we’ve come up with… 

 Best Day Ever’s Top 5 Favorite Flower Girl Trends 

nicole and kenji, hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, hawaii wedding planner, best day ever hawaii1. Add a sash! 

Adding a sash to her dress that is the same color as the bridesmaids dresses can tie the whole bridal party together.

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2. Flower girl crowns  

Adding a tiara or a crown of flowers to your flower girls head will make her feel like a princess walking down the aisle (and might even make her stand up straight and look up when she walks!)

Ky and Lorrie, hawaii wedding, Ihilani Koolina Wedding, oahu wedding3. Sequined shoes 

You can add a little spring to your flower girl’s step by outlining her ballet flats with two rows of sequins.

4. Flower girl wands

There’s nothing more joyful than flower girls skipping down the aisle with wands that flutter and fall. Your girl will be happy and content as your guests are thoroughly entertained by the little fairy dancing down the aisle.

5. Bouquet with a ribbon 

Little girls are not always so careful with handling their flowers, by adding a ribbon you can give the bouquet some staying power while still having the bouquet look super cute!hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, kokololio beach, kokololio beach wedding, jana and luke, best day ever hawaii, destination wedding

One of the best parts about these trends is that they can all be very inexpensive to create! Sequins can be found at your local Ben Franklin store or at a Fabric store where you could also get a sash! Every single one of these ideas is super cute and will make your flower girl feel like a princess walking down the aisle! 🙂



Best Day Ever Hawaii 
Oahu Wedding Planners 

7 Fabulous Bouquet Toss Songs!

You close your eyes, you wear a smile from ear to ear, you release your grip and your flowers are flying through the air.  A gasp is heard as breaths are held, then a break out of cheers, you turn around to see which girl has caught the infamous bouquet, and you couldn’t be happier!  The bouquet toss at your wedding is one of the most precious moments you will have at your wedding and will share with your closest girlfriends forever! This is why you have to have the perfect song to toss your bouquet to!nicole and kenji, hawaii wedding

We’ve done a little research for all of our favorite Hawaii Brides and here’s what we’ve come up with…

7 Fabulous Bouquet Toss Songs!

1. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

2. Girls Just Want to Have Fun

3. Hit Me With Your Best Shot

4. Wannabe

5. Hola Back Girl                             

6. Haven’t Met You Yet

7. Dancing Queen

The bouquet toss at your wedding should be a really fun moment for everyone! I know that growing up and attending weddings, I loved being a part of that moment and always wanting to catch the bouquet. I can only imagine how special it feels to be the bride to actually throw the bouquet and get to see your closest friends shout with joy!  I would want that moment to be perfect, and part of that is by having the perfect song to toss your bouquet to! 🙂

What’s your favorite bridal toss song? Have any favorites not on the list? We’d love to hear them! Drop us a note 🙂

Happy Friday Everyone!


Best Day Ever Hawaii
Oahu Wedding Planner

The Latest Wedding Technology Trends 2013

 As we continue to expand the amount of technology we are able to access, it seems only natural that the technology bug would spread to weddings too.  As Oahu Wedding Planners, we have seen this hi-tech wedding trend spreading everywhere and we thought you guys, our favorite brides and grooms to be would love to know more!

Today technology is a part of our every day life. For most people, one of the first things they do in the morning is grab their phone to see what’s happening in the world. It’s our way of feeling connected with everyone whether they be down the street or states away.


And what better way to feel connected at a wedding than to be able to use your phone and post to a site that is just for the wedding you are attending? By using a Wedding Photo App, all of your guests with the app can take photos that will be seen by everyone who has it and can be later downloaded for printing too – www.weddingsnap.com. You will make your guests feel connected as well as you will feel great knowing that you have access to all of these photos and can see what everyone best enjoyed about your Hawaii wedding!latest wedding technology, trends, 2013 trends, wedding trends

Another great app you can use to help keep your wedding organized is call Yapp. It is a wedding website that guests can look up to get all the wedding information they need. You can create your custom event, like a website and your app will let you edit all things right on your phone. You can also send updates and notifications to your guests with notifications and last minute changes. This is a great way to stay in touch with your guests and to make sure they don’t have any wrong information!latest wedding technology, trends, 2013 trends, wedding trends

The last trend that is very popular at weddings is Live Streaming. This allows guests that are far away and can’t make it to view the wedding as it is happening and feel a part of the event! Companies such as “I Do Stream” and “Marry Me Live” offer Webcasting services to couples looking to go “live” when they say, “I do.” To make things cheaper, you can also use Facetime off of your Iphone or your Apple computer. Live Streaming is a great way to still make your guests who couldn’t make it feel special because they can watch it as it is happening and feel as if they were there celebrating the day with you!latest wedding technology, trends, 2013 trends, wedding trends


Each of these new Hawaii
Wedding Trends
 are great in letting you stay in touch with your guests and show that they are important to you on your special day! They can also really help to enhance your wedding and make it that much more memorable!

Consider yourself a techy-bride or groom and have your own ideas about how some new hi-tech wedding apps? We’d love to hear them!  Do share!

Happy Hi-Tech Wednesday and Happy Planning! 🙂
Marielle, Nicole (+ Erika)
PHOTO CREDITS: Wedding Party App, Yapp, and I Do Stream

Today is Heidi & RJ’s Best Day Ever! 7-1-13!

Very excited for Heidi & RJ’s wedding today!  Festivities don’t officially begin until later this afternoon, but we’ll be headed out to Ko’olina within the hour to begin set up for this fabulous tiki-chic style wedding.  Coconut candles, tiki gods, lei trees and “Aloha Signs” it’s going to be so fun to see everything come together! Tiffany, one of our interns, will be coming out to help for the occasion.  It’s her first official wedding and she’s in for a treat because this is going to be one heck of an event!

hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, koolina ihilani, koolina ihilani wedding, heidi and rj

Congrats to Heidi and RJ!  We can’t wait!

Nicole (& Erika!)
Best Day Ever
Hawaii Wedding Planners