Hawaii Brides : How to change your maiden name to your married name in Hawaii

I know I’ve been over this before, but I’ve gotten so many questions lately about the details of changing your maiden name to your married name, that I thought I’d better write a blog about it. It’s a complicated process – no question, but if you go through each of the steps described below, hopefully it will be a little simpler.


Step 1. Obtain a marriage license from the local Marriage License Office.  To get a marriage license you must have your application form filled out, bring proof of age (you must be 19yrs or older) a drivers license, passport, birth certificate or state ID will be fine, and proof of residency. To save time, be sure to fill out the marriage license application form at home ahead of time and bring it with you. If you are on Oahu, you and your fiancee must go downtown office on Punchbowl Street together. The exact address is: 1250 Punchbowl St. (corner of Beretania and Punchbowl Streets).  Please note that you must apply for your marriage license no sooner than 30 days prior to your wedding date.  License will cost $60 + a $5 processing fee.  For additional details please check out the Hawaii marriage license website.hawaii brides, change your maiden name, legal requirements, marriage license, marriage certificate

Step 2.  Get Married!  Yay!  Make sure you have your marriage license with you, it is probably a good idea to have your officiant or wedding planner hold on to it for safekeeping before the ceremony.  After the “I do’s”, make sure your officiant or priest file or wedding planner has properly filed your paperwork – this is usually their job so you shouldn’t have to worry about this part.hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, hilton hawaiian village, hilton hawaiian village wedding, crystal chapel, crystal chapel wedding, best day ever hawaii, ronnie and shannon

Step 3. Wait to get your official Marriage Certificate in the Mail.  This process usually takes up to 4 months, so don’t bother changing any of your other id cards until you get your marriage certificate.  Enjoy your maiden name a bit longer, it won’t be around for very long.

Step 4. Get a new Social Security Card.  You finally got your marriage certificate, Horray!  Keep it in a safe spot and get ready for the real headache of the “official name change”. The best place to start is with your social security card.  First fill out this social security name change form.  Then head down to the Social Security Office on the corner of Punchbowl St. and Ala Moana Blvd. with either a state ID, passport, drivers license, or birth certificate PLUS your marriage certificate AND your old social security card, if you don’t have your old card, don’t worry about it, they will give you a new one anyway. New social security cards take up to 8 days to come to you by mail.  HINT: Get there early! Metered parking usually only lets you put in 2hrs. worth of quarters and you are likely to go overtime if you don’t get there early and have all of your paperwork filled out ahead of time. It is easy to park on Punchbowl and just walk right into the office.  Grab a number and wait for your turn to submit paperwork. This process should take no longer than 2 hrs. if you get there early… I’m talking like 8am early, so get a good night sleep the night before.

Here is the exact address of the Soc. Sec. office in Honolulu:
Social Security Administration, Federal Building, Rm 1-114
300 Ala Moana Blvd., Honolulu, HI 96850 (corner of Ala Moana Blvd. & Punchbowl St.);
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 3:30 pm (closed on federal holidays)
Phone: 800-772-1213 (Toll free number)
Web: SSA website (for information and office locations on other islands)

hawaii brides, change your maiden name, legal requirements, marriage license, marriage certificate

Step 5. New State ID.  If you don’t have a state ID, it is really a great thing to have because it is just as valid as a drivers license and if god-forbid you ever lose your drivers license, you will always have a back-up ID. A Hawaii State ID is very in-expensive and easy to get. You will need to bring your NEW social security card, birth certificate or passport, and marriage license certificate.  A new state ID card is just $18.00.  HINT: Fill out all the paperwork online, pay the processing fee, and set up an appointment on the Express Hawaii State ID website. This will make everything super easy. The line to get a new state ID can easily take up to 4+ hours, but if you do everything online ahead of time, all you have to do is show up with your paperwork at your designated appointment time and take a new photo. You’ll speed by the dummies who didn’t take advantage of the new express check-out and be will be so thankful you were super prepared!

Here is the exact address of the Honolulu State ID office:
Kekuanao’a Building
465 S. King Street, Rm. 102
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 (Map)
Phone: (808) 587-3111
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. HST Monday through Friday, Except State holidays


Step 6. New Drivers License.  Now that you’ve done this process a few times you should have all your “new name” paperwork organized and ready to go. Head down to the nearest DMV with all of your documents and fill out the proper paperwork to have your license name officially changed. HINT: Get there early to avoid lines.  Most offices open at 7:30am. I know the newest Hawaii licenses look a little different, but I couldn’t resist the McLovin License. 

Step 7. Go to the Bank.  Now that all the official ID paperwork has been completed, head down to your local bank with all your documents. If you have more than one bank, you may have repeat the process a few times. Make sure to let them know you will also need new debit cards. Unfortunately this may cost you $15-$25 per card… but that is the price of being in marital bliss – trust me, it’s worth it! Your new card should be mailed to you within 15 days. HINT: Ask your bank teller about being able to cash checks with your old name. If you ask ahead of time, they will put a note on your account to make sure you are able to cash checks with your old name for a period of a year or so. This will save you tons of headaches down the line.

Step 8. Call your Credit Card companies.  To make things simpler, just make a pile of all of your credit cards (hopefully there aren’t too many) and call each of them one by one. Let the representative know that you have recently gotten married and you need a name change form.  You cannot obtain these forms online, but they are always happy to mail them to you.  It usually takes up to 15 days to get the form, which you should immediately fill out and mail back with a copy of your marriage license.  HINT: If you have more than one American Express Card – or Visa Card, let the representative know to send you a form for each acccount. This will save you time and make the process much easier.

Step 9. Mortgage Companies & Insurance Companies.  Give your mortgage company and insurance companies (auto and health) a call and let them know your name has been changed. They will send you a form of name change and you will have to complete the same process that you did with the credit card companies. HINT: Make a bunch of copies of your marriage certificate and new ID so that you don’t have to make multiple trips to the copy machine. It is very likely that you will need to send copies of both the marriage license and your new ID card to multiple people.  Keep the process simple by having everything together and organized.

Step 10. Online Accounts.  E-Bay, Amazon, Macy’s, Costco, Sams Club, E-Mail, Facebook, MySpace (hey some of are still on myspace:), Groupon, PlayHawaii, Barnes and Nobles, Nordstroms, Roth IRAs, Simple IRAs, and the list goes on. Start changing your name on all of the accounts you have. It may take awhile, but if you try to devote a week to getting it done, you will be happy you took care of it all at once.  HINT: Make a list. Take 10 minutes or so to make a list of all the accounts you can think of that you currently have or use frequently.  Go through the list one by one and check them off as you make your name changes.  By making a list and taking care of everything all at once the name changing process will be smooth and easy. 

Step 11. Passport Name Change.  Changing the name on your passport is fairly simple if you follow these steps:
1. Fill out form DS-82 which is: this PDF form.
2. Print out the form, sign & date.
3. Mail the Form DS-82 in a padded envelope to the address listed on the form, along with:

  • Your most recent U.S. Passport (book or card)
  • One Passport Photo that is stapled to the application within the space provided using four vertical staples, one in each corner
  • Current Passport Fees
  • A marriage certificate or court order
    If You Wish to Expedite Your Passport Application:

    • Include a check or money order for $60.00 made payable to the U.S. Department of State. Do not send cash in the mail (See Passport Fees)
    • Clearly mark ‘EXPEDITE’ on the outside of the padded envelope
    • We recommend using an overnight delivery service for delivery to andfrom the Passport Agency

HINT: Use a padded envelope and a secure form of mailing (get the envelope insured so that you can track it).  There are really important stuff in this envelope so it’s important you can find out where it is just incase something happens.  

More details on Passport Name Change – please check out this website.  And for helpful hints on the process – this website shows an illustrated version of what to send in. I love seeing it visually, hope it helps you too.


THAT’S IT!- You should be all set!!!  You’re name should be officially changed!  Horray!!  Now that wasn’t so bad was it? 

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Heres just a few more commonly asked questions:

Q. Do I need to notify anybody else for my taxes?
A. No, when you changed your social security card, the dept. of taxation should have been notified as well – I would however, make sure you notified your tax preparer. You may need to fax or email him/her a copy of your NEW social security card and marriage certificate as well.

Q. Is it better to file jointly or separately?
A. It depends.
 If your taxes are complicated, and you own/rent property, have IRA’s, have a business, it may be more beneficial to file separately, BUT if you have children, it may be more beneficial to file jointly, it really depends on your situation.  Check with your tax preparer to find out what will save you the most money.

Q. What if I have my own business and a GE Tax license, does that info. need to change too?
A. Yes!
You must notify the state and get a new GE Tax license by filling out this form. Simply fill it out, print it out, and then mail it to the address below:

P.O. BOX 1425
HONOLULU, HI 96806-1425

Q. What’s the difference between a marriage license and a marriage certificate, are the same thing?
A.  No, a marriage license and marriage certificate are different documents. The marriage license permits a marriage to take place. The marriage certificate indicates that a legal marriage has been performed.


******* If you have any other questions or would LOVE a PDF of this, please just send us an email at dropaline@bestdayeverhawaii.com


xoxo, Your Hawaii Wedding Planner, Best Day Ever Hawaii

What Season is Right For Your Favorite Wedding Flowers?

Flower lei’s are an important part of Hawaii culture and are quite often a necessity in any island celebratory occasion.  But did you know not all island flowers are available at all times of the year?  One of our favorite bridal leis is the pikake lei, but depending on the time of year purchased, the price could range from $20-$40… yes, we know, $40 for a lei is a bit steep! But sometimes you have to pay a little more for what you really want…

That being said when it comes to pricing and availability of flowers it’s all about knowing the seasons. This means choosing your flowers around your wedding date so that you will get the best flowers for your budget and choose the appropriate flowers for your wedding season.  That’s right, proper planning can save you hundreds of dollars!

We love this handy-dandy chart from Bayside Bride that lists out popular wedding flowers and what seasons you can expect to see them.  Pin it or save it to your favorites so that you can choose the right flowers for your wedding date.  Don’t forget to keep in mind that out of season flowers can be hard to find and can get very costly!  Why not save money and deter stress by planning ahead now?!:)
favorite wedding flowers, wedding flower, flower seasonsWhether it be a lei or a bouquet, save yourself tons of stress and stay on budget by choosing flowers that are in season during your wedding month. There are tons of choices and if you don’t see your wedding flower choices on this list, don’t forget you can always just call your local florist.  They know all the details when it comes to local flowers and can probably give you tons of great tips.

Hope you enjoyed our post! Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

xo, Best Day Ever
Hawaii Wedding Planning and Event Design Team

Summer Outdoor Weddings: Top 6 “Must Do’s” when Saying “I Do”

Everyone loves the idea of a beautiful outdoor wedding, but until you are 5 months deep in the planning process, you might not realize just how much work an outdoor wedding really is. Because we specialize in outdoor weddings, we know how many details really go into planning the outdoor wedding of your dreams.  Today we’ve got a special treat ~ We’re sharing our Top 6 Tips for Outdoor Weddings. They should give you a little bit of insight to planning an outdoor wedding and a few ideas that can help ensure everything runs smoothly and goes according to plan.

Top 6 Tips for a Hawaii Outdoor Wedding:


Tip#1: Choose a Back-Up: It doesn’t matter what month or season of the year it is, even in Hawaii, there is always a chance of torrential downpours, so – always always have a back-up plan! I’ve seen too many wedding ceremonies get rained on and everything go to waste to not make sure you have planned for the worst case scenerio. It is always a good idea to research some places that could be used as a last minute rental (if you have a smaller wedding), or to have an oversized tent on-site that you can scoot your guests and tables under in the event of light rain. Keep in mind this may mean that you have to pay for the tent ~ even if you don’t use it.  But let me tell you.. if it happens to rain, you will be so happy you had that tent on hand.  It also helps to have a wedding planner as it will be his or her job to be sure to let everyone who is going to be a part of your special day, including guests, your bridal party, caterers, florist, band, etc, know where your back up location is PRIOR to the day of your wedding. It will also be your wedding planners job to access and handle the situation as it occurs, creating a seamless transition from under the stars to moving under a tent incase the rain starts. If you have a smaller party and a back up location you can always include a space on the bottom of your invitation that reads something like: In case of rain, our wedding will be held at xyz.

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Tip#2: Hire a GREAT Caterer. Unlike hotel venues, outdoor weddings require hiring a caterer. You want to choose someone that is reliable, a great chef, and whom has a awesome crew.  The catering crew can assist with set up of tableware and linens, and even washing the dishes you rented! Many times the catering tema also helps w/clean up.  Check with your caterer to make sure a staff is included. They will be a huge help in the coordination and execution of your event.

summer outdoor wedding, summer wedding, outdoor wedding

Tip#3: Be Heard. If you’re outside in the mountains or down in the valley, there will always be background noise. Whether it’s the rustling of trees or the ocean waves behind you, your guest should always be able to hear your vows, program and music clearly. Make sure the DJ, all microphones and the speakers are in appropriate places to enable everyone to hear perfectly and comfortably. Quick Tip: Be sure your wedding planner does a sound check before the wedding. This way, any changes and adjustments will be taken care of prior to you saying your vows.

summer outdoor wedding, summer wedding, outdoor wedding

Tip#4: Choose the Proper Florals and Centerpieces: The last way you want your wedding night to be remembered is that all the vases flew all over your guests food.  You will be surprised at how common this actually is.  Be sure to choose the right vases and centerpieces for the location.  We tell all of our brides who are having an outdoor wedding to make sure the base of the vase is larger than the mouth.  Simple square vases or short floral fillers work best.  It just takes one gust of wind to take down a centerpiece and the last thing you want is for spilt water all over your guests food or clothes.

summer outdoor wedding, summer wedding, outdoor wedding

Tip #5: Be wary of Mosquitos.  In Hawaii, there are (unfortunately) many places that have mosquitos.  Make sure you are prepared for that unexpected muggy day where the mosquitos or other bugs might come out. It’s best to access the space ahead of time durring the hours of your wedding to see how many critters actually come out.  Citronella candles and mosquito spray are great to always have on hand just incase.  Mosquito bites can really ruin the ambiance of of any event, be sure to always be prepared for the worst possible situation. Tiki Lamps and Citronella candles will enhance the feel of your summer wedding and keep bugs away!

summer outdoor wedding, summer wedding, outdoor wedding

Tip #6: Get a Wedding Planner. When having an outdoor wedding, you will need someone to oversee the 4-12 different vendors you have arriving and someone to manage all of the details including tent set up, table set up, ceremony area set up, music, lighting, guests, decor, making sure you stay on time, a just incase rain plan, and so many other things. This is why so many outdoor wedding venues are now requiring wedding planners… because they have seen first hand how horribly wrong outdoor weddings can go when there is not one person or a team of people overseeing the execution of the wedding day.  Because everything must be brought in, it is key to make sure someone is there telling everyone where to go, what to do and how quickly they need to do it.  Wedding planners have plenty of experience with trouble shooting and can ensure any and every problem is confidently addressed before you even have a chance to hear about it.  You cannot expect aunty or a best friend to handle these things (well not if they plan on being a part of and enjoying the festivities). Do yourself a favor and hire a wedding planner, it is worth the piece of mind! Hint: Make sure you hire a wedding planner who specializes in outdoor weddings and has a lot of first hand experience with handling weddings outdoors.


We hope these tips helped a little in your wedding preparation.  Outdoor weddings, though beautiful, do require quite a bit more preparation and a lot more day of details. Make sure you have every detail covered ahead of time to ensure you have your “Best Day Ever!” on your wedding day!

xoxo, Best Day Ever ~ Hawaiis Favorite Wedding Planner.

Photos courtesy of Holladay Photo and Always Flowers.

Zank You – A Modern Day Gift Registry

One of the easiest ways to make guests aware of the best gifts to get you is to create a registry.  But what if you don’t really need any extra kitchen or house gifts and really could just use a little cash to make up for all the money you spent on the wedding? Or what if you really could just use a little help to fund that honeymoon you’ve been wanting to take but aren’t sure if you can afford?  Zankyou is one of the best cash (and gift!) registries we’ve come across. With an online cash gift wedding registry and free wedding website, Zankyou is the best option for  today’s modern couples. The options are endless when it comes to what you can register for and with Zankyou’s easy to use four Gift ideas, you can create your own customized registry in minutes. Added Bonus: At only 2.85% per gift, Zankyou’s rates are among THE LOWEST on the market. You get the cash equivalent of the gift contributions to your bank account so you can take the cash or buy the actual gift when you’re ready If guests decide to cover the cost of the surcharge, then the registry is ABSOLUTELY FREE for you! It’s the perfect way to set up a registry for your wedding today! Check out Zankyou (by clicking on the link here) and let us know your thoughts:)

zank you, gift registry, modern gift registry, modern trends

Original post and tip from Once Wed.

Have any questions or comments? Please leave us a comment or shoot us an email:) We’d love to hear your thoughts!

xoxo, Hawaii Wedding Planner ~ Best Day Ever!

How long does it take to get a Marriage Certificate in Hawaii?

The answer is… 60 – 120 days. You may write to the Dept. of Heath and request to obtain it sooner, however this is not guaranteed. There is a greater chance of getting it quicker if you say you need it for a specific reason – ie. Medical Insurance. You thought you would have to change your credit card names and bank account names all at once, but the truth is, there is no sense in trying to change anything until your marriage certificate is in hand. I suppose in the meantime, you may as well just sit back and enjoy your maiden name for a few months.

Click here for more info on Hawaii Marriage Licenses and Certificates. For specific info or questions about Hawaii Marriage Licenses, how to obtain one, prices, where to go, who to see, etc. contact your Hawaii Wedding Planner today.

Should you get a Hawaii Wedding Planner?

So you just got engaged and you’re wondering if you should get a hawaii wedding planner? Wedding planners can be expensive, and you’ve always been very organized & exceptional at planning parties.  Your thinking maybe you could save a few dollars by being your own wedding planner.

Although, the budget may be tight, a wedding planner is not something you should skip out on. Heres three reasons why you should consider handing the duties over to a professional.
1. Troubleshooting – Professional Wedding Planners have the ability to fix anything, anytime, anyplace. They have infinite knowledge and experience in all things that have to do with events and weddings. If something comes up, they’ll know just how to deal with it, quickly and efficiently.
2. Emergency Kits – Professional Wedding Planners carry with them emergency kits that cover, assist and can fix any situation.  From tiptoes, toilet paper covers, safety pins and stain remover to good ol’ bobby pins. If theres something that goes wrong, trust me, they’ve got something in their emergency kit that can fix it. These are things that you may not be prepared for, and do not want to stress yourself with on your wedding day.
3. Secret Cell Phone Numbers – What if the tent guy doesn’t show up? Or the DJ? Professional Wedding Planners have a cell phone full of contacts. They know who to call just in case one of your vendors does not show up. And if that person falls through, they have a back up for their back up. You cannot put a price on their connections.hawaii bridal expo, hawaii bride, bridal expo, blaisdell center, wedding expo
Professional Wedding Planners help to make your special day run smoothly, they take care of all the details and mishaps so that your day appears flawless.  There is no price on peace of mind. Without question, it is worth every penny to get a professional Wedding Planner.  The sooner you get one, the quicker they can save you money too, so set up an appointment with a trusted Wedding Planner today!

5 Tips from a Hawaii Wedding Planner – How to Plan the Perfect Beach House Wedding

Having a Hawaiian Wedding on of the beautiful islands of Hawaii can be a wonderful and amazing experience. Ocean breezes, blue skies, breathtaking mountain tops, birds chirping from coconut trees and you and the love of your life exchanging vows to be together for a lifetime. Could you imagine a more romantic way to say “I do”?
Here are some tips to planning an outdoor beach house wedding from a Hawaii Wedding Planner:
1. Research several beach houses on the islands. Have your wedding planner suggest specific beach houses for you. Finding the right beach house is very important. Consider parking areas, rental fees, event fees and lawn areas. Is there enough room in the lawn for you to set up a 30×40 tent? Where will all the guests park? How many guests are allowed to stay for an event? How many nights are you required to rent the house for? If it is three nights – perhaps you can have out of town guests stay at the house and help you split the fees? There are specific rules for each beach house. Be sure to do your research to find the perfect beach house for you.
2. If you’re having a beach ceremony, keep it short. Ceremony’s on the beach can be beautiful, but should never last too long. It can often be very windy near the ocean and anything not secured down could fly away. Brides be sure to face into the wind so your hair is not blowing into your face, possibly creating photo dissasters. Also, be sure to check the direction of the sun. You do not want guests staring straight into the sun during your ceremony, nor do you want your bride and groom staring straight into the sun. Consider favors that can be created specific for your beach front wedding – a Hawaiian favor could be a personalized bride and groom bottle of sunscreen. Another possibility is turning your ceremony program into a fan.best day ever hawaii, hawaii wedding planning, Todd and Maree, hawaii wedding,Papailoa beach, papailoa beach wedding, beach wedding, oahu beach wedding, hawaii beach wedding, oahu wedding
3. Always have a back-up plan. You can never tell when it will rain on the islands. Passing showers are frequent and can be unexpected. Always have a tented area or covered area set up as a back-up plan just incase it rains. You don’t want your guests waiting an hour for the showers to pass.

4. Be sure to keep all the food and other miscellaneous items covered. Food umbrellas can be rented and can be a beautiful accessory to your wedding. They come lit with christmas lights and are sure to keep your dinner, desserts, candy bar or other miscellaneous areas dry.
5. Be clear about house rules. To make things easier for guests and to keep everything running smoothly, have your MC’s read out the house rules during your reception. This will keep the party going smoothly and everyone will know what they can and cannot do at your beach house.sarah and david, sunset ranch, sunset ranch wedding, ranch wedding, outdoor wedding, hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, best day ever hawaii
There are lots of other tips that only the locals would know. Be sure to check with your local wedding planner to get all the details to making your romantic island wedding a reality.
Erika and Nicole are well known Hawaii Wedding Planners on the island of Oahu. They have helped couples transform the ordinary beach house into a romantic wedding fantasy. Let Nicole and Erika help you plan your outdoor beach house wedding today.

Cousin Kathy vs the Wedding Planner

Now that the big rock has been slipped onto it’s rightful nesting place, bring on the daunting process of planning your best day ever. If the guys think that finally now they’ve gone down on one knee and the question has been popped, they can relax a little without the pressure and stress of getting the proposal just right. Think again! Wedding planning as opposed to planning the perfect proposal is a whole another ballgame. The ante has been raised, no longer are you just dealing with the perfect setting, timing, the perfect bling or the sweetest declaration of love that will melt her heart and bring her to tears, now you have to consider the perfect venue, great food, entertainment, decor, seating charts, party favors, a registry, vendor appointments, food tasting, fittings, gown shopping, floral selections, guest lists, timelines, deadlines…the list goes on. While it’s very tempting to just have cousin Kathy plan and coordinate your wedding, unless cousin Kathy is a professional, you may still be in over your heads. Here are a few things to consider when wavering between hiring a professional Hawaii Wedding Planner or cousin Kathy.

It’s what they do for a living. Planning a wedding is very time-consuming. If you’re doing it on your own, it may even feel like a second job. There are calls to be made, meetings to plan, vendors to research. A wedding planner acts much like a matchmaker between the engaged couple and the various vendors. They know which vendor would be most suitable for their client. Cousin Kathy would still have to “shop around” for information what is already part of a wedding planner’s expertise.

Wedding planners are extremely organized, down to itty bitty details. With all that is involved with planning the best day ever, every detail has it’s place. One must remain abreast with all developments, tasks pending, deadlines and timelines. They know who to call, when to call, and when things need to get done. Without organization, you’re more likely to go over budget, overlook certain details, and end up with a wedding day short of being the best day ever.

So let’s say you ended up having cousin Kathy plan and coordinate your wedding. On the day of your wedding the dj was a no show, now what? With cousin Kathy running the show, you’ll most likely end up with a wedding reception with no dj. On the other hand, a wedding planner would be able to quickly troubleshoot the situation, make a few phone calls, pull some strings and hopefully get a replacement to work your reception. Wedding planners have a developed relationship with the vendors that they’d more likely be able to call in favors.

Planning a wedding entails a lot more than the less experienced may realize. Some things are better left to the professionals.

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Writing your own Wedding Vows

Here are a few guidelines to follow if you are considering writing your own wedding vows:

1. Talk to your priest or officiant, your future spouse and your immediate family. Make sure everyone is on the same page and ok with personalizing your wedding vows. Some religions have a specific ceremony that needs to be followed. Figure out how you can fit your vows in.

2. Do a little internet research. There are tons of resources online to other couples wedding vows. Figure out how you want to word it & what is the main points you want to get across. One of the simplest and sweetest wedding vows I came across went something like this:

Matt I love you because of who you are, your kind, sweet, hardworking, understanding and amazing in everyday.

Matt I love you because when you look in my eyes I know you love me and I know we belong together

Matt, I love you because…

(you can add as many or as few I love you’s in here..)

Matt, because I love you I promise to honor you in every way, cherish who you are, what we have, who we are… Because I love you I promise to take care of you, to stand by you, to adventure with you. I promise to devote myself to you and you alone no matter what may come our way, I promise to never give up no matter what, to fight for the love we share in the face of adversity, I promise to love you, completely and with everything I have, today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life and beyond.


3. Consider ending or beginning with a love quote or saying. Is there something special to the both of you or a saying that says exactly what he or she means to you?

4. Put everything together and practice. Practice in front of a mirror and practice saying it out loud to a close friend or family member. The more you practice the more comfortable you will be with it. Maybe you might even want to memorize it.

Personalizing your wedding vows may not be for everyone, but it does allow you as a couple to bring a unique touch that is special to the two of you. If you are up for the challenge – Go for it!

Our Favorite Wedding Websites

Just get engaged?  One of the first things I did after I got engaged was looked up how to create a wedding website. Surprisingly- there are tons of sites that help you create a personalized website.  I came across a recent post in OnceWed.com which featured the Wedding Window, a new site with tons of super fun templates that helps you to create your very own personalized Hawaii Wedding website. . . Don’t worry, it’s really easy!  In these modern times, wedding websites are the new & hip way to get all your information to your guests (location, map, things to do, hotels to stay at, your couple story, day of events, etc.). Plus, they’re really fun (and simple!) to set up. Another cool site that allows you to create fun personal wedding websites is My Wedding. Both sites have ton’s of templates to choose from and personalize, both sites are really easy to use, and best of all, both sites are FREE!!

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Here’s a link to a sample Hawaii Wedding website I made. Especially check out the “Attractions” page to get some great ideas of how to get your out of town guests some great island tips. Consider including travel information, cool sites local sites to visit – Hanauma Bay, Chinamans Hat, Kualoa Ranch, Sandy Beach, Waikiki at night, etc. You can also include a travel itenerary or special local foods you’d like to recommend to your guests (ie. Helenas Hawaiian food, Rainbows plate lunches, Waiola or Matsumotos shaved ice). You can make your website fun and informative. Contact your Hawaii Wedding Planner today if you need help or want to know more.